Best Solar Garden Lights in the UK (2022)

The best solar lights are a garden essential and can be used to light areas or pathways in your garden that you want to bring a feature to. They're an eco-friendly way of lighting your garden without using mains electricity and they come in a range of different styles and shapes. 

On the market currently, there is a range of options available suitable for all budgets. This guide will provide you with the best that are currently on the market depending on what you want them for.

What are solar garden lights?

Solar garden lights contain solar cells which charge during the day using the suns energy and then use that stored energy at night to produce the light. It is through PV conversion (photovoltaic conversion) that solar garden lights work.

Do solar garden lights last?

The longevity of solar garden lights uses either rechargeable batteries or everyday batteries. When rechargeable batteries are used, they have an approximate shelf life of 2 years when running for up to 100,000 hours.

Are solar garden lights worth it?

Solar lights are worth the purchase as they brighten and add dimension to any garden or outdoor space while not using inefficient energy to fuel their light. By storing energy it enables more opportunities for future use.

They ensure the energy needed to light up the lights is solely produced from the sun and not from any additional means such as main electricity which is not sustainable in the long run.

In particular, the strong the solar panel combined with better quality the battery with result in a stronger and longer-lasting solar garden light. This is something worth noting when searching for solar garden lights.

Another thing to consider when purchasing solar garden lights is longevity. Sadly, many that are currently manufactured in the UK which is normally the cheapest option unfortunately do not last long. Thus eventually being thrown away. 

Therefore, it is worth considering and investing in solar garden lights which have good reviews and good quality ones to ensure a decent cost per use benefit.

Best Solar Garden Light overall - 2 Pack (6.35m) 30 Solar Bulbs LED String Lights by Solaray

These 6.35m solar garden bulb-shaped lights are a multi-purpose item in a retro style, perfect for any garden. They are cordless which means they can easily be moved from area to area.

They can even be used over pergolas and gazebo for those special celebrated occasions.

These solar-powered lights will illuminate your garden while creating a cosy yet eco-friendly warmth to your space.


Material: Non-corrosive and rustproof stainless steel 

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours (once fully charged) 

Colour: Warm white light 

Modes: Steady or flashing 

Best Budget Solar Garden Light - Solar Pagoda Light String


These lights are the perfect budget option to drape, twist or wrap between posts in and around your outside space or garden. These lights are seasoned dependent, meaning you can still get a little from them (0-2hours) even in the short winter light.

While in Summer they will light up for 5-6 hours, allowing you to get your money's worth out of these light regardless of the season.


Battery Life: Up to 6 hours 

Colour: White light 

Modes: One mode 

If You Need a Strong Light for a Large Space - Atlas Solar Spotlights (Set of 2)


These solar garden lights come in a set of 2. They are perfect if you need and want a solar garden light that is a little stronger and more of a feature to light up something specific in your garden.

It lights up to a distance of 25m, meaning that it has a longer range than most garden solar lights. The strength of these lights has even been compared to that of lights powered by mains electricity.

Specifically designed to work all year round, they can power save in the winter months to get better and stronger results in summer.

With a nifty bracket, these lights can be adjusted to point at whatever is needed.


Battery: Up to 10 hours

Colour: Warm white (100 lumens)

Modes: On and Off

Best Solar garden light for winter - ShapeLights Indoor & Outdoor USB Solar Powered Mood Light - Mini Pebble


These uniquely designed outdoor solar lights are a great winter alternative. As long as the solar light is well-positioned it is designed to work even in the unpredictable UK winter weather. 

Features such as power-saving technology allow for full brightness in the summer and double time in on those shorter days.


Colour: Red, green, blue, purple-pink, light blue 

Modes: Brighter or warm white


We hope that this guide has provided you with the best options on the market currently, and the best solar garden light for your space.

Our top tip is to consider the longevity and quality of the included battery and solar panel in order to get the best cost per use option for you garden.

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