Bamboo Cutlery: The Next Single-Use Alternative You Need To Invest In

Bamboo cutlery is a clever eco-alternative for anyone looking to create a lifestyle free from plastic. But what's the big problem?

Plastic and single-use cutlery are items that are still sadly being used and thrown away with reckless abandon. With rumours of plastic cutlery soon to be banned in Scotland it has prompted pressure for England to follow. For many, it is time we said goodbye to yet another non-essential single-use item.

Due to “throw away” culture it has only exacerbated the issue, resulting in mounds of single-use plastic being dumped in our seas, leading to monumental damage to the wildlife that comes into contact with it and the eco-systems they thrive off of.

Thus, causing an increase of micro-plastics that are becoming ever-present in our environment.

It is something that can easily be solved though through the purchase of your own bamboo cutlery travel set which you can use, wash and take it with you, where ever you may be.

Our reusable bamboo cutlery set is lightweight, plastic and BPA-free and made out of our stand-out material of natural and anti-microbial organic bamboo.

What is a bamboo cutlery set?

In our set of bamboo cutlery (90g), everything is full-sized yet lightweight and does not add any extra weight into your bag. Each set contains 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon, a set of chopsticks, 1 straw and a straw cleaner in a secure and lightweight organic cotton pouch.

Our set appeals to any eating out needs from street-food to your everyday lunch on your desk at work. Each piece is made out of sustainably source bamboo which is fully biodegradable, to sit within a Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton pouch.

The GOTS specifies the requirement from the start to the end of the supply chain which focuses on the ecology and the labour conditions in the manufacturing process.

Our manufacturers also have the ISO9001 certificate, ensuring and setting out the criteria for quality management allowing for better regulation and thus better products and services.

From ensuring the safety of our products to their commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) they ensure our products are made and produced in a safe and committed manner so that everyone can benefit from our eco-alternatives.

What is the problem with single-use cutlery?

Single-use and disposable cutlery is a problem that unfortunately without legislation won’t change.

It was recorded in 2014 by PLOS One that more than five trillion pieces of food and drink plastic are floating in our oceans - a statistic that unfortunately would have increased because of our current pandemic.

This however does not come without damage to the planet AND our local environments. Before the cutlery has even been placed next to your local fast-food van or in your local deli it has made an impact - this is due to the high amounts of heat and carbon that are needed to create them.

plastic cutlery

Once the carbon combines with the present greenhouses gases it can end up causing detrimental changes to our climate.

One of the consequent damages is the contamination of local waterways which is then filtered into the water that is used at industrial establishments and for our drinking water.

Often when single-use plastic is used for outdoor activities like camping and picnics it is sadly left behind and not taken home for recycling. It is frequently left amongst the trees, meadows and parks, leading to many wild animals mistaking them for food and causing internal and severe issues for them once consumed.

We are all aware of the damages that come to our oceans from single-use plastics, especially from cutlery.

According to, “8 million metric tons” is deposited in our oceans each year, with plastic forks and knives being ranked in the top ten of most common pieces of plastic-collected.

The IUCN stated that this plastic debris “makes up 80% of marine debris” from the top of the surface water all the way down to the deepest sea sediment. Are these often-flimsy pieces of single-use plastic really worth it?

What makes bamboo cutlery a practical alternative?

The notion of BYO (bring your own) is something that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. Our organic cotton pouch allows you to never be without your own and will easily slot into your everyday life.

From university to work they fit into any situation you may need. In particular, it is often the situations whereby we assume we would not need our own and therefore are caught out when by default you have no reason but to use the single-use cutlery that is on offer.

Street food festivals, a salad from a meal deal and BBQ’s - there are so many opportunities for single-use plastics to be used incidentally.

Alike many of our products, our cutlery set does not comprise on the benefits brought about from our 100% organic bamboo.

In particular, the tensile strength of bamboo is 3-4 times that of steel and withstands pressure better than concrete.

Every piece is fully biodegradable and lightweight at only 90g a set, it would not pose any problems when packing in with your mugs and plates for a picnic.

How you can change your habits

The recent ban of some single-use items prompts further action from the government to ban other single-items such as cutlery that cause relentless issues to the environment and start backing schemes that focus on recycling and re-use of plastics.

Our bamboo cutlery set is suitable for any occasion and would make the perfect gift for a regular festival goer or someone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

If we all increase our BYO habits then reduction and consumption of single-use cutlery would decrease.

Particularly if within our current climate the use of communal cutlery in workplaces or outdoor food establishments is something that causes concern then bringing your own could be a safer and better option for your peace of mind and your plastic consumption.

Our cutlery set will last you for years and when they do need to be recycled, they will compost safely within a few months.

So, when choosing our cutlery set know that it is not only making an impact on your local environment but also stopping the heightening damage these single piece cutlery items cause.


AUTHOR: Imogen Green


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