Beeswax Wraps: Bee-lieve in the power of ethical

Historically, beeswax has played a salient role in the preservation of goods; from food and artefacts, to even embalming and mummification.

It becomes clear to see just how effective this material is: without it, we would not be able to understand the history of our ancestors, let alone have survived for so many years!

The use of beeswax, however, has long surpassed that of the Ancient Egyptians, with it becoming an ethical alternative for today’s friend of the earth.

One such alternative that we will explore in this article is that of food wraps. With their 100% organic cotton cloth and beeswax, along with the guarantee of reusability and BPA free, you soon will be convinced of its usefulness in your day-to-day life.

So, what exactly are beeswax food wraps then?

Well, to better understand this innovative wrap, we should first delve into the basics of beeswax and the cotton it is made from.

As has already been stated, beeswax has a long history of being utilised for preservation purposes in many different cultures across the globe, and it is easy to see why.

Beeswax can be produced in plenty as a by-product of the bees’ working cycle. So, not only is this wax excellent as a waterproofing and protective agent, but it is also fully ethical and sustainable.

beeswax wraps covering food

Whilst the beekeeping assists in the preservation of a biodiverse ecosystem, the beeswax itself is fully biodegradable, becoming a perfect little product for anyone wishing to help maintain a happy and healthy environment.

The attributes of beeswax are then only amplified by GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Unlike its regular production cycle, this particular type of cotton is grown without its normal pesticides and fertilisers.

Therefore, our organic cotton has the ability to gain a third-party organic verification – in this case GOTS, or more, the Global Organic Textile Standard.

This certification ensures that the manufacturers are ecologically and ethically producing, packaging, and trading products which are made up of organic and natural fibres.

This is in stark contrast to the highly damaging environmental impacts of the chemical-ridden non- organic production of cotton.

Therefore, together, one can be assured that with these wraps, you are going to be getting a product which is environmentally friendly.

Don’t Just Take our Word for it…

GOTS is not the only certification held; both the food wraps, along with the manufacturers themselves, hold many more.

For example, you’ll be pleased to hear that unlike the health risks posed by cling film (more on that later!) beeswax food wraps cause no damage to either your food or your health: they are LFGB certified.

LFGB logo

This means that they are following the standard for safer food contact products – so you know you never have to worry about what might be seeping into your food.

Along with LFGB, the manufacturers are the perfect example of sustainability. As a business that has been operating for 14 years, our manufacturers have been a continuously trusted source for our products; from our beeswax food wraps, to our reusable produce bags.

This is not just for any reason at all, but rather it is because of the poignant certifications to which they hold.

One such certificate is that of SEDEX. As one of the leading ethical trade membership organisations, they ensure businesses protect both the environment, as well as their workers.

Moreover, the BSCI certificate adds further power to both the sustainability and ethical nature of the company. So, there is no need to feel any guilt or worry when it comes to the making of your wraps.  

But Why do I Need to Replace Things Like Clingfilm with Beeswax Wraps?

There are in fact a multitude of reasons behind why products such as cling film and sandwich bags are detrimental and should be replaced by food wraps.

Not only is a material such as cling film only a single-use product, but this plastic wrapping is extremely difficult to recycle and thereby, the harmful chemicals from which it is made, break down into the environment. Even if – and that is an if – the cling film or sandwich bag is recycled, China, where we typically send our recycled plastic, has banned imports of this waste.

 cling film wrapping sandwich

So, the minuscule 9% of plastic that we do in fact recycle, is a figure destined to fall.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make the switch, with even companies such as National Geographic listing their top solution to this issue as making the move toward reusable wax wraps (such as ours!).

How You Can Use and (Eventually) Dispose of Beeswax Wraps

What makes our beeswax food wraps so perfect is their practicality. Not only can you use them to wrap sandwiches and leftovers, but you can also get inventive with it: you can wrap up your soap and shampoo bars for when you’re on the go, or even use the wrap as a nifty little gadget to help open those extra tight jars.

The possibilities are truly endless with this product.

When it does become time to dispose of the wraps, however, (they can last up to two years!) we recommend that you place it in your compost.

honeycomb pattern

Although, the amazing thing about the wraps is that even if you do not compost it after it has gone through its multiple uses, and it does end up on a landfill, because of its biodegradable properties, it should harmlessly break down within 2 weeks to a month.

This is in direct contrast to that of cling film and plastic, which can take up to an astonishing 10 to 1,000 years to decompose in landfills!

It is easy to see why our wraps are the much better alternative – both in regard to sustainability and health.

Let’s Wrap This Up Then..

With our beeswax wraps, you are guaranteed a sustainable and ethical product. What’s more, they can be used in a whole variety of different and inventive ways – you only need to use your imagination!

At a price of £8.99 you are not only saving the environment and your health, but also your money, as you can get up to a whole 2 years of use out of this preservation tool.

So, if you’re looking for a friendly and ethical alternative to your usual product, take a look at our Beeswax Food Wraps!


AUTHOR: Chloe Anthoney


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