Bamboo Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Whilst our focus is using bamboo to create sustainable self-care products, there are plenty of interior brands out there who create stunning bamboo furniture.

As you most likely know, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials known to man and whilst we don't provide bamboo furniture ourselves, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite pieces of bamboo furniture currently available in the UK to give you some great ideas on how you can make your home a more sustainable place to live in.

With that being said, we asked the sustainable living community for some of their favourite bamboo furniture ideas and have put together a list of their answers below.

1. Extendable Kitchen Trolley Cart

If you're looking for extra storage and worktop space in your kitchen, this bamboo kitchen trolley cart would be an ideal addition.

Acting is a mobile kitchen island, it's got a couple of drawers, shelves and even includes a handy tray for carrying plates of food. These moveable kitchen islands tend to lack stability but fortunately being made out of solid bamboo wood, you don't get that issue with this piece of kitchen furniture.

The brakes on the wheels are also incredibly sturdy so you don't have to worry about the island accidentally moving whilst chopping vegetables.

It also comes with specifically detailed instructions on how to put this piece of bamboo furniture together so you won't be spending all day slaving away. Handy DIYers should be able to get it up and running within just an hour.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Made out of solid bamboo wood which makes it incredibly sturdy
  • Eco-friendly bamboo used
  • Looks stunning in all kitchen decors
  • Provides extra storage and worktop space which is ideal if you have lots of appliances in your kitchen
  • Easy to put together unlike some other flatpack bamboo furniture items

2. Desktop Drawers

This piece of bamboo furniture is an ideal alternate to plastic desktop organisers and would make for a great alternative for any eco warrior in the office.

The drawers are streamlined in size and easily hold and secure office stationary as well as important documents. Our tip would be to simply pop some labels on each drawer so you know where you've put certain items.

The drawers are also really smooth and natural to the touch unlike some other wooden desktop organisers which need to be covered in preservatives to protect you from splinters. Bamboo simply doesn't have this issue.

Overall, it's great for cleaning up cluttered desks and helps provide a soothing work environment.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Easy to remove drawers are ideal for cleaning and organising your desk space
  • Made out of sustainable bamboo
  • Great alternative to plastic organisers
  • Looks great on any desk

3. Bamboo Home Office Desk

Perhaps my favourite piece of bamboo furniture to make this list is this bamboo home office desk which, for the price, is an absolute steal.

Supported by a sturdy bamboo frame, this bamboo/MDF hybrid desk is perfect for all decor styles with its simplistic elegance and neutral colours. Whilst we use this as a desk for working on, you could also use it for storage or as a place to draw or apply makeup.

The shape of the bamboo structure ensures that the desk doesn't wobble at all which is especially useful for those aggressive typers and finger drum soloists and gives you piece of mind that your items aren't going to suddenly fly off your desk with the slightest knock.

It also has a top shelf which can be used to store plants or diffusers as well as photos or a desk light.

Due to its simplicity, you should be able to put this bamboo furniture together in around 30 minutes.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Looks incredibly stylish in any environment
  • Use of sustainable bamboo reduces impact of deforestation
  • Highly stable and made from quality materials which means the desk should last you decades
  • Top shelf and drawer provides extra storage
  • Excellent value for money - it really shouldn't be as cheap as it is!

4. Bamboo Monitor Stand & Organiser

For those who work at a desk often, I'm sure you're aware of correct posture and how it can impact your neck and back and part of getting it right is having your monitor at the correct height.

Many monitor raisers are plastic but fortunately, we found this one made entirely out of sustainable bamboo and what's more, its hollow body doubles up as a space for extra desktop storage which most of us are always in need of!

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Made from sturdy bamboo wood
  • Doubles up as extra storage
  • Raises your monitor which helps with your posture when working at the desk for long periods

5. Free Standing Cabinet

If you're in need of a handy organiser for bathroom products or perhaps a cabinet for your cookware, this bamboo cabinet is an ideal choice.

The narrowly designed cabinet is useful even for those with smaller bathrooms or kitchens and contains more than enough shelves to save you plenty of space. In addition to this, it has a little cupboard which you can store towels or bamboo toilet roll in.

The shelves are also slatted which means build up of moisture or liquids are highly unlikely and thus should last you for years to come.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Sturdy design
  • Plenty of shelves to organise multiple items
  • Contains a cupboard to hideaway unsightly items
  • Looks modern and suits every decor type

6. Bed and Furniture Raisers

Raising your furniture at home is an ideal option for those with back or hip pain and makes getting out of bed and chairs much easier as you don't need to strain any muscles. If that sounds like you, we'd highly recommend these bamboo furniture raisers.

They come in a pack of 4 and fit seamlessly to most furniture types. The circular recess also means that your furniture won't slip around and will remain sturdy.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Saves you from having to buy new furniture
  • Made out of solid bamboo that is able to withstand the weight of any item of furniture
  • Come in a variety of different colours which will match your interior design theme

7. Bamboo Floor Lamp

Why not add a bit of style to your living area or bedroom with this minimalistic looking bamboo lamp?

With a tripod stance made out of solid bamboo, the lamp is sturdy and even has a middle shelf for extra storage should you want to use it (it looks great without anything on the shelf to be fair!) The legs are also fairly narrow so can fit into corners without too much trouble.

It also comes with a pedal switch which means you don't need to go to the effort of bending down to switch it off and on, you can simply use your foot.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Looks absolutely stunning
  • The legs are narrow which means it can get into small corners
  • The switch is operated by foot which is useful for people who struggle to bend down

8. Multifunctional Storage Rack

Whether you're looking for extra storage in the kitchen for your herbs and spices or need something to hold your growing book collection - this multi-functional bamboo storage rack ticks all boxes.

What's more, the fact that it is handcrafted means it'll last much longer than other types of storage racks.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Handcrafted by professional craftsmen
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes such as holding books or storing your herbs and spices
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Looks very smart

9. 5 Tier Bamboo Shelving Unit

If you're looking for a shelving unit then we'd highly recommend this bamboo shelving unit which contains up to 5 tiers. One of the best things about this particular shelving unit is the fact that you can adjust the height on each shelf according to what you want to store on it.

It's also very sturdy and avoids rocking - something that some metal shelving units can't seem to get right!

The bamboo shelving unit can comfortably hold around 10kg per shelf so there's not too many items that can't be stored on it. It has quite a versatile look and fits in seamlessly in any room within your home including kitchens, living rooms, conservatories or bathrooms.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Can hold up to 50kg in weight
  • Isn't too large or bulky and thus doesn't take up a lot of space
  • Has a very fair price
  • Easy to assemble due to the fact that the pre-drilled holes are perfectly aligned

10. Bamboo Laptop Tray

This multifunctional bamboo laptop tray is ideal for anyone who likes to watch Netflix on their laptop in bed and ensures that your laptop doesn't overheat as it doesn't block the fan vents.

You can also use it as a laptop stand so that your head is aligned with it which makes it much more comfortable to work on your laptop over long periods of time (although you will need an extra keyboard/mouse).

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Gives your laptop a flat surface to ensure it doesn't overheat if you're watching videos on it in bed
  • Can be used as a stand to increase the height of the screen
  • It's easy to adjust
  • The bamboo is very thick which makes the stand more durable and less likely to break compared to flimsy plastic stands

11. 3 Tier Bamboo Shoe Bench

This 3 tier bamboo shoe bench is a highly valuable addition to any home where tripping over shoes is a common occurrence.

As someone with trainers, football boots, cycling clip-ons, hiking shoes and formal shoes this shoe bench has been a great addition to my hallway and gives me easy access to whatever footwear I need. It's also sturdy enough to sit on/put your feet on when tying shoe laces.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Sturdy enough to sit on
  • Comfortably fits around 6 pairs of shoes
  • Can also be used to store towels and wouldn't look out of place in a bathroom

12. Desktop Bookshelf

If you've got a pile of books that are scattered across your desk and cluttering your work area, why not try this bamboo bookshelf?

Impressively, the bamboo bookshelf can be set up in 5 different ways which gives you the freedom to set it up in a way that maximises its use depending on where you're going to put it and what you'll be using it for.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Can be set up in a variety of different ways
  • Built with sturdy and durable bamboo
  • Super fast delivery time

13. Bamboo Bedside Table

If you need a sturdy bedside table that's able to store alarm clocks, lamps or the book you read before bed, this bamboo bedside table is the ideal choice.

At just over half a metre in height and a quarter of a metre in width, it's the perfect size to save on space and makes it ideal for use in small bedrooms especially.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Streamlined design means it's suitable for the smallest of bedrooms
  • The instructions are very clear which makes assembly a breeze
  • Blends in well with any room, especially if you've got other wooden or bamboo furniture

14. Bamboo Toilet Seat

If your plastic toilet seat is on its last legs, why not consider eventually replacing it with this stylish looking bamboo toilet seat?

Made out of premium bamboo, it's got natural anti-bacterial properties but also isn't too cold on your bum in the winter - win win.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Comfortable to sit on and doesn't get cold
  • Easy to keep clean whilst also having natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Looks much better than plastic toilet seats

15. Bamboo Mirror

Another great piece of bamboo furniture you could invest in is a smart looking desk mirror. Mainly designed for makeup application, this nifty little mirror comes with an attached storage box to store your makeup and bamboo makeup brushes.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Comes with an additional storage box
  • Expertly crafted to ensure it lasts a long time
  • Comes in 2 different sizes depending on what you need it for

16. Bamboo Corner Shelf

Corner shelves are ultimate space savers as they slot right into the corner of your room and the only thing better than a corner shelf is a corner shelf made out of bamboo!

This particular one has 3 tiers which is very simple to put together and is perfect for storing some cook books and an Alexa in the kitchen.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Simple design made entirely out of solid, sustainable bamboo
  • Slots right into the corner of your room and is perfect for use on top of kitchen units
  • Very easy to put together without needing instructions

17. Bamboo Deckchair

Our bonus bamboo furniture idea is this quirky bamboo deckchair which is ideal for resting on when you're out the back garden.

This piece of garden furniture is made entirely out of and comes with a comfortable leg rest so you can put your feet up after a long day. It's foldable and compact when folded so storing it whilst waiting for sunny days shouldn't be an issue.

Why choose this bamboo furniture?

  • Replaces harmful plastic materials with sustainable bamboo
  • Is compact when folded so shouldn't take too much storage space
  • Is easy to dispose of after you've got years of use out of it

Why Use Bamboo for Furniture?

Owning bamboo furniture is much more sustainable when compared to any other material. Firstly, bamboo grows at lightening speed which means you don't have to wait decades before you can harvest it. Moreover, bamboo is regenerative. This means that after the bamboo has been harvested, farmers don't need to plant more - it'll simply continue growing from where it was cut.

Secondly, as a porous material, solid bamboo is really easy to clean. This means that spills and stains can be cleaned off your bamboo furniture with minimal fuss.

Finally, bamboo is incredibly strong which makes it the perfect material for furniture. It has a greater tensile strength than steel (ability to resist being pulled apart) and a higher compressive strength (how well it can cope with pressure) than concrete. When you combine these two incredible properties, you can see why bamboo furniture is one of the most durable furniture materials on the market in the UK.