10 Best Yoga Socks You Can Buy in the UK [2022]

Yoga socks are a crucial and essential part of a yoga and can really enhance your practice. They allow for better grip, strength and stability when moving through movements but how do you know which yoga socks are for you?

In this guide, we hope to show the best sustainable options on currently on the market. All of these yoga socks can be purchased in the UK.

1. Bamboo Anti-Slip Yoga Socks

This durable bamboo option is perfect for keeping your feet in position during challenging poses. Made from an 80/20 blend of bamboo and lycra and additionally having bamboo in the blend allows for endless positive properties to these socks.

Why these are a great option:

  • Natural anti-bacterial defence 
  • Increased moisture management 
  • Increased breathability

bamboo yoga socks black

2. Yogi Bamboo Yoga Socks 2 Pack

This two pack bamboo option ensures that your feet are comfortable during your practice. They are made of certified organic cotton and have been certified by the global recycled standard.

Why these are great option:

  • Great design and very comfortable, you can't go wrong 
  • They look and feel amazing and the fit is also perfect
  • Very cosy

2 pack yoga socks

3. Bamboo Grip Socks (2 Pairs)

Made from 70% bamboo they offer a soft yet sustainable option. They offer a practical design with a twin strap which allows for extra security so that mid-flow they will still be in place and secure.

Moreover, mesh dots on the sole means that at any point during your practice your feet will stay secure.

Why these are a great option:

  • Soft to touch
  • Breathable material
  • Practical design

grip socks


These socks are designed for function yet do not compromise on style or design. These low-rise socks will perfectly hug your feet meaning there won’t be any wobbling during your half moon.

Their design has been based on performance aspects of a surfboard traction pad. Nothing has been compromised with these socks with even the triangles on the soles being BPA free.

If you are looking for a pair that provides more support than most, these would be perfectly suited to you, this pair has been designed with a woven arch band to support the mid-area of your foot and a raised heel to protect your achilles.

There's a seamless and cushioned toe area to avoid any blisters or rubbing happening mid-flow.

Why these are a great option:

  • Good grip
  • Durable
  • Earth-friendly

yoga socks


This heather grey and organic pair of yoga socks are a sleek option for your yoga practice. The design has been made for a seamless and easy flow between movements.

The toe section has a “pocket” that allows for your toes to be supported and it supports the natural alignment of your feet and toes. This allowing for increased strength in your foot muscles and an improvement in posture. 

Why these are a great option:

  • Defined heel cup
  • Good fit & comfortable
  • Very good quality

toe hole yoga socks

6. Myga Grip Yoga Socks

These perfectly designed low cut yoga socks are perfect to level up your practice. They will keep your feet warm during moves, whilst stopping any germs or dust touching your feet.

When life resumes, they would be perfect to use around your local yoga studio. They even make sure that the packaging of the socks is recyclable with no single use plastic used.

Why these are a great option:

  • Breathable fabric 
  • Non-slip
  • Low cut


This option is definitely for those who love colour and print, with a multitude of colours and patterns available in the range.

These yoga socks will allow you to hold your balance while an in-built arch band supports your arch and keeps the socks in place. A well-designed flat toe seam stop any discomfort arising from misalignment. 

Why these are a great option: 

  • Under ankle cuffs
  • Lovely style, comfortable and great grip on soles
  • Really nice quality and finish

sock shop socks

8. Carrot Banana & Peach Bamboo Anti-Slip Yoga Sock

Even though these socks are eco-friendly, the design and grip functionality are not compromised.

With bamboo’s natural breathability they allow for your feet to be naturally regulated, supporting for cooler feet in the summer and warmer feet in the winter.

Why these are a great option:

  • Sweat-wicking
  • Anti-bacterial from the bamboo
  • Thermo-regulating

black grip socks

9. Panda Paw Fit Best Bamboo Non Slip Yoga Socks

These yoga socks are the epitome of durability, designed for multi use in hot yoga, pilates and of course yoga, they are perfect for those who love all types and intensities of yoga.

They are also sustainable, hypo-allergenic and non-slip ensuring superior traction on a range of floors and surfaces. 

Why these are a great option: 

  • Nice feel to the fabric
  • Beautifully soft and very grippy
  • Excellent quality

4 pack of socks

10. Yoga Socks for Women | 100% ORGANIC Combed Cotton

For our final option, the base fabric is 100% eco-friendly organic combed cotton meaning they are made from the softest and most sustainable cotton material.

On the base they have a 100% silicone grip allowing strong support from the top of the toe to the back of the heel.

Why these are a great option: 

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Fit well
  • Naturally luscious feel to them

 yoga socks uk

We hope that this guide has given you an insight to the best eco-friendly yoga socks on the market. Ensuring that you practice is seamless regardless of whether you are a beginner or a vinyasa pro.

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