Charcoal Soap [The Definitive Guide]

Activated charcoal products have, in recent years, become something of a trend; whether that be for your day-to-day health and beauty products, or even placed within your food.

It is undeniable that the beauty blogger and health magazines have revolutionised the use of charcoal. Charcoal soap in particular.

However, rather than being a 21st century trend that will soon die out, activated charcoal has been used throughout the ages.

bamboo charcoal soap

We've seen it in a range of different products due to the multitude of benefits – both in regard to health and the environment.

So, let’s take a dive into this long-sort-after product. Moreover, why we offer it in the form of our wondrous charcoal soap!

What is Charcoal soap?

I know, it can be a bit jarring when you first discover charcoal – which we have so become used to using for our summer BBQ’s – is in soap of all things!

But this is not a new idea; charcoal has been used for its medicinal properties starting all the way back in the times of the Ancient Egyptians, who used it to help heal their otherwise deadly wounds.

Since then, the uses of charcoal have become plentiful, with it being a relatively simple product to activate.

Activated charcoal comes about by burning natural materials, such as wood – or in our case bamboo- which creates a porous substance which can trap toxins.

This means that charcoal is a wonderful absorption tool which is able to soak up all the nasty toxins. These toxins can regularly become trapped in our skin: it is extremely detoxifying!

But what are the other benefits to my skin?

We know that charcoal soap can trap and remove the toxins which lay at the very core of our skin. Let's begin to take a look at the advantages in which this can provide.

The fact that this soap traps toxins means that it is perfect for oily skin. Removing all excessive oils that can sometimes build up on your body (this would make it excellent for acne too!!)

In turn, this can make skin firmer, whilst preventing ageing. It also gives the skin a much clearer and all round glowing appearance.

In addition to all of the pore-shrinking, acne blasting benefits, our charcoal soap is also a fantastic natural alternative which does not use alcohols and harsh chemicals so often found in non-natural soaps.

Should I worry about any Environmental Impacts?

Nope! In fact, you should rejoice in the overwhelmingly positive comparison of charcoal soap to liquid plastic containers.

Plastic containers take 20 times more energy to create!

The health and beauty sector is a flourishing industry with over £300 billion per year being created by it. Unfortunately, all this money does not equate to good packaging, with plastic being the main material used to sell the products.

handmade vegan soaps

This means that once used, most of the plastic packaging gets sent to landfills wherein they can take years to decompose and, in the meantime, cause tremendous harm to the environment.

However, you can rest assured that our bamboo charcoal soap will not cause the same harm.

Bamboo can grow extremely fast, meaning that activated charcoal made from this tree is much better for the environment.

Moreover, our lack of plastic packaging means no horrid landfills have to get involved.

So, what’s stopping you from buying charcoal soap?

Whether it be for your face, body or even shaving, our bamboo charcoal soap is the perfect tool to help heal your skin issues.

Moreover, it's also wonderful for the environment. Lovingly handcrafted, our soap is 100% vegan friendly and versatile, so make the perfect addition to your bathroom!

So, what’s to stop you trying our innovative product?

You can get yours here!


AUTHOR: Chloe Anthoney