Eco-Alternatives: Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

In a call to action last year, Metro UK posted an informative article awakening us to the staggering amount of disposable wipes that are consumed in the UK. Each year, people in the UK use and throw away 11 billion wet wipes, many of which are facial wipes and makeup remover pads.

The overconsumption of single-use materials is not new news in the world. Most people are aware of the harmful effects of these kinds of products, but don’t know how to strike the perfect balance between environment and convenience.

In 2018, 54% of women in the UK were using facial cleansing wipes, up from 45% in 2017. Now more than ever, it’s essential to consider eco-friendly products for your facial care routine.

Reusable makeup remover pads are a fantastic eco-alternative to their disposable counterparts. Our makeup remover pads are made to last, with multiple layers of organic bamboo cotton that are soft for your skin and the Earth.

Makeup Remover Pads in the UK

Durable and Strong

At goBambu our pads are made for long lasting use. We created these with the intent to push back against the current single-use market, and provide a long term solution for women in the UK.

Many brands, despite marketing their makeup remover pads as reusable, don’t craft their product with strength in mind. Our pads are stitched with 3 layers, allowing them to be washed thousands of times without tearing.

Saving You Money

One of the many benefits of reusable pads is that you only have to buy them once in a blue moon! Save money in the long run by investing in a product that will last you years instead of only one use.

Despite the name, these reusable makeup remover pads aren’t only suitable for your face. Save on buying other types of wipes by using our reusable pads for other types of cleansing.

goBambu makeup removal pads are versatile in that they can be used for nail varnish removal, applying toners, and any other cleansers or creams that may be part of your daily routine. They’re even soft enough for baby skin, which can get messy at times!

Good for the Environment

We know the frustrating feeling of receiving packages with layers upon layers of plastic wrapping - it seems like overkill!

Our reusable makeup remover pads are wrapped in a single layer of biodegradable kraft paper for shipping, and come in a reusable organic cotton pouch. The pouch can be used for storage as well as when you’re washing the pads.

Luckily, when you feel that the reusable pads have met their maker or are too stained, they can be put into the compost. In just a couple of months, they’ll return to the soil from which they came.

Why Disposable Makeup Wipes are Bad For the Environment

According to EarthWatch, people in the UK are flushing away 9.3 million wet wipes a day, which explains the approximate 11 billion per year that end up in landfills, rivers, and oceans.

Disposable wipes are made with materials like polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp, or rayon fibers, which are then formed into sheets or pads. There are a number of chemical processes that prepare these materials to be made into wipes, such as bleaching, chemical mixing, or dyeing, all of which have a harsh impact on our environment.

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The production process of disposable wipes in the EU involves sourcing materials from different places around the world, such as North America and other countries outside of the region.

Producing and transporting large volumes of wood pulp 2,000 km across the Atlantic requires a lot of energy, water, and crude oil, which also leads to additional waste production that needs to be addressed and treated.

Wood pulp contributes large amounts of CO2 into the environment, due to the use of machines, and leads towards deforestation, as well as the depletion of water sources.

When people are finished with their disposable wipes, they are often flushed down the toilet. Many brands market their wipes as “flushable”, which is a deceiving play on convenience.

In fact, fatbergs develop in UK sewers at an alarming rate (which are as disgusting as they sound). Fatbergs are a mass of solid waste that build up deep in sewers, and they are made possible by, you guessed it, disposable wipes.

Many people argue that disposable wipes are convenient, so why switch? Single-use wipes are harmful for the environment and your drain pipes. In the UK 93% of blockages are caused by “flushable” wipes. Getting the plumber for an emergency on a Sunday definitely goes against our idea of convenience!

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads: How They’re Made

Bamboo is a wonder-plant. There are so many properties that make it the perfect material for everyday products that we use, such as our makeup remover pads.

Organic bamboo cotton has shown to have better absorption than regular cotton and micro-gaps in the fibers make it soft and supple for your skin. The material also has intrinsic properties that fight against bacteria, fungus, and naturally deodorise.

We produce our reusable pads with quality in mind. They’re stitched using triple layers, so that the material is fortified for many uses - saving you money and another trip to the shop!

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goBambu makes products for the ins and outs of daily life. We want you to feel good about your choices, whether that be to bring a travel mug to work or change up your teeth brushing routine.

Each product passes through strict quality control tests that are independently verified by TÜV Rheinland, a leading safety and product inspection company. goBambu is also committed to the safety and environmental standards within the EEA, which is shown through our CE certification and product design.

Make the Change: an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

There’s only so many times that you can hear about the harmful effects of everyday products before your gut tells you that you have to do something.

There are few things that we can control, such as the way plastics are produced, the use of water in clothing manufacturing, or crude oil extraction. However, the small choices we make to change our lifestyle can make all the difference.

Consider switching your facial care routine to incorporate an eco-friendly alternative to the more damaging single-use makeup remover pads. The Earth, and your skin, will thank you!