Top 10 Reusable Sanitary Pads

Reusable sanitary pads are an ideal solution to the current environmental problems associated with period care.

Research has shown that 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste hits landfills each year in the UK. Pretty shocking, right?

Many of us have made the change to a more sustainable lifestyle and we know the benefits.

The production and sale of reusable cups, beeswax food wraps and reusable straws have sky-rocketed in recent years, and for good reason.

But what about period care? Here, we show you eco-friendly alternatives to mainstream period products so you can implement sustainable habits every month.

Read on to see our top 10 picks.


Bloom and Nora – Reusable Sanitary Pads

Bloom and Nora have reusable pads available to buy as single pads or in packs of three. Their three-layered pads are made from soft bamboo fibres and have stay-dry binding to minimise leaks.

Bloom and Nora are the first in the UK to make the waterproof layer of their reusable pads from recycled polyester yarn, which is made from plastic bottle waste.

They have wings which fasten with a popper to help them stay comfortable and in place. Bloom and Nora offer two types of reusable pads called Bloomers and Noras, and both types come in a range of absorbencies from mini to mighty, meaning you can wear these pads at every stage of your period.

Simply rinse in cold water after use and pop them in the washing machine for a reusable, eco-friendly alternative to ordinary pads.

Callaly – Organic Cotton Tampons

Callaly is a brand committed to making period products better for you and better for the environment.

Their tampons are plastic free and non-applicator. Instead, they are made from 100% organic cotton and their packaging is recyclable/compostable.

Callaly offer a subscription service which lets you choose the absorbency level of your tampons, how many you receive, and delivery times to suit your cycle.

Plus, students are eligible for a 20% discount. So, why not make the change to a more sustainable lifestyle this month?

Eden - Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups offer a great alternative to regular tampons and pads. The Eden Cup provides up to 10 hours of wear and is designed to flex and adapt to your body’s natural shape.

The cup forms a secure seal, meaning its comfortable and leak-proof. The Eden Cup is made from silicone, cleaned after use and is then ready to be used again.

While you’re making the change to sustainable period care, why not help a friend to do the same? Buy a second Eden Cup for a discounted price and Eden donates a cup to Freedom4Girls.

So, by making a purchase, you’re not only enabling yourself and a friend to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you’re helping the planet, and you’re helping to end period poverty, too.

FLO - Organic Bamboo Pantyliners

Pantyliners are a great option for light-flow days or daily use. FLO’s liners are made from organic bamboo, making them thin, biodegradable, and breathable.

They come as a pack of 24 and are individually wrapped in plant-based bio wrappers.

The natural liners are PETA-Certified vegan and cruelty-free. These pantyliners are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for sensitive skin types that are easily irritated.

Keep a few of these handy in your bag so you’re never caught off guard again.

TOTM – Fab Little Bags

There’s only one thing worse than an unexpected period, and that’s having nowhere to dispose of your used period care.

These opaque Fab Little Bags make disposing your pad, liner, or tampon easy and hygienic, saving any potential embarrassment.

Just pop your waste in the bag, seal, and keep in your handbag until a bin is available. Flushing sanitary products - even tampons - away in the toilet can be bad for the environment and can cause blockages.

As well as a handbag pack, these biodegradable bags are available in a bathroom pack, so you and any guests have an easy and more sustainable alternative to flushing waste.

Thinx – Period Underwear

When we first heard about period underwear, we were intrigued, but perhaps a little sceptical.

Something that’s almost as thin as a pair of knickers that does the job of a pad or tampon? Surely not.

But Thinx have proved us wrong with their washable, reusable underwear that’s designed to replace your regular pads and tampons.

They have different styles, including boyshort, hiphugger and thong, a range of colours, and varying levels of absorbency, with the highest absorbency rating holding as much as 4 regular tampons would.

The underwear is moisture wicking, leak preventing, and odour controlling. What’s more, Thinx does all this whilst reducing menstrual waste and helping the environment.

Try Thinx out for yourself this month and help the planet too.


DAME – Reusable Applicator

DAME have made a reusable, medical grade tampon applicator, engineered for comfort and ease of use.

The applicator has antimicrobial properties and works with non-applicator tampons.

Just use, rinse, dry and go. DAME have already saved 3 million plastic applicators from ending up in landfill, so why not try combining this applicator with Callaly’s cotton tampons for period care that cares for you, and the planet too.

Nixit – Menstrual Cup

Another menstrual cup to try is from Nixit. It’s shaped a little different to Eden’s cup, and, unlike Eden’s, one size fits all.

The cup is made from soft silicone which moulds to your body for a leak-free fit, and you can wear the cup for up to 12 hours, day or night.

Nixit’s design means that the cup doesn’t form a suction, making it easier to remove and a good option for those who might otherwise find trying a menstrual cup daunting.

The boxes come in a range of colours and would make a great gift for someone who wants to save money every month, as well as helping the environment.

Modibodi – Period Underwear

Another brand leading the way for reusable and sustainable period pants is Modibodi.

Like Thinx, they offer underwear in different styles and absorbency levels, with their most absorbent pair holding 50ml of liquid.

These high-absorbency pairs can be worn for 24 hours for a truly fuss-free period.

Amazingly, Modibodi have also made period swimwear for light to moderate days, or to be used with your cotton tampons or menstrual cup for extra protection in the water.

As well as underwear and swimwear, Modibodi also sell period activewear, including running shorts, proving (as well all know anyway), that your period doesn’t have to stop you from doing anything.

Bloom and Nora – Reusable Wipes

Another reusable sanitary product from Bloom and Nora is their reusable wipes, which stop thousands of single-use wipes going to landfill.

These flannel-like wipes are great for freshening up whilst on your period, and are colour coded, meaning you can use some as feminine hygiene wipes, and some as facewipes.

They are free from harmful chemicals and are soft enough not to irritate your face or intimate areas.

Available as a pack of 10, these reusable wipes are a great alternative to single-use face and body wipes.

We hope you have found this a useful guide to buying sustainable period products and will make the change this month. We believe that living an eco-friendly lifestyle should be accessible for all in as many areas of our lives as possible.

So, now you’ve changed your period care habits, what other eco-alternatives will you choose? See our products and blog for more ideas.


AUTHOR: Ruth Plumley