Let's Talk Sustainable Dog Leads

When thinking about sustainable living, common items that we can reuse or compost usually come to mind. But are there other areas we can make a change such as the use of sustainable dog leads?

What's the issue?

With around 8 million dogs in the UK in need of their daily walks, there's at least 8 million dog leads - most of which are created from newly manufactured plastic.

That's not taking into account the fact that a lot of dog owners have leads for different functions. Some might have a regular lead, some might have a lead specific for running and some might have leads for when they're cycling.

With dog accessories being a £1 billion industry in the UK, it's clear that we've almost turned a blind eye to this area.

Is there a solution?

When it comes to dog leads, you're going to need something that is sturdy, durable and can deal with an overexcited dog trying to chase traffic.

A lot of eco-friendly materials don't necessarily have the physical properties to deal with this kind of strain and could be regarded as being rather unsafe for use as a dog lead.

So what can we use? It's generally accepted that a circular economy is one of the most sustainable ways humans can live. Constantly repurposing an item means that the production process is almost entirely cut out of the product cycle.

Inspired by the circular economy, we've recently launched rope dog leads that are created out of refurbished and repurposed climbing ropes.

Why climbing ropes?

Climbing ropes have the unique task of preventing a human being falling from large cliffs. It's for this reason they're INCREDIBLY strong.

When the climbing rope becomes unsuitable to do the whole 'stop a human being falling from a hundred ft' thing, that doesn't mean it should go to landfill.

It's still more than durable for other applications and when used as a dog lead, is one of the strongest dog leads available.

Moreover, the plethora of different styles and colours that are used for our dog leads are unique. If you've got a passion for dog fashion, recycled rope dog leads are the way forward.

What happens next?

The dog leads are designed to last for years but what happens to the rope when you need a new one?

This part is pretty much up to you. Whilst the rope can be recycled again, you can always upcycle it too. Rope is a great material and can be used for anything from rope swings to securing objects in your garage. You can even use it as a new throw toy for your dog. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!