15+ Vegan Candles That Will Make Your Home Smell Incredible (2022)

Vegan candles are an essential part of the home. Especially in the colder months, candles can play a large part in making your home or space feel cosy, warm and inviting.

With the recent success of the “hygge” trend more and more of us are looking for the perfect vegan candles to add to our homes.

Whether you are looking for a specific scent for a specific area or just some new scents to try, this guide will show you the best 15+ vegan candles which are guaranteed to make your home smell incredible.

1. Lemon & Juniper Vegan Candle - 300ml

This chic looking candle infuses the scent of light lemon with pungent juniper and softened with an underlining woody aroma.


2. Basil and Neroli Soy Wax Vegan Candle

This fresh and energising candle with base notes of basil and neroli it has different layers and gives off and soft and spa-influenced scent.

3. Fireside

This deep and rich fireside vegan candle starts with base notes of cedar, amber, frankincense and musk. Then added with spices, lavender and geranium, and finished with bergamot, lemon and soft notes of eucalyptus.

This scent is perfectly suited to enrich and warm any room in your house.


4. Eucalyptus and Mint Soy Wax Candle

This candle would be a fresh addition to your home. Through a unique blend of peppermint, lime, rosemary and eucalyptus this would a great way to freshen up a corner of your house or even in a bathroom.

This candle will awaken and lift the senses.


5. Lime Basil and Mandarin Vegan Candles

This candle is fresh through a mix of different elements. With base notes of patchouli and vetivers, layered with heart notes of mandarin, floral, basil and caraway seeds add a new layer.

It is finished with a zesty ending of lime and bergamot making this scent a favourite for a reason.


6. Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang Vegan Candles - 300ml

This candle allows for 45 hours burn time and uses eco-friendly soy wax and all the packaging is made from recyclable and reusable materials.

Through a beautiful combination of grapefruit and ylang-ylang, this candle is sweet and pungent yet softly floral making for a light and sweet fragrance.


7. Sandalwood & Black Pepper - 250ml

There is a reason why sandalwood is always a sell-out. The chic combination of sandalwood and black pepper makes for a light but elegant scent perfect for your main living spaces or living rooms.

8. Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine - 250ml

Another option which is made from recyclable and reusable materials would make for the perfect gift for an eco-warrior friend or those who are vegan. The key mix of 100% natural soy and coconut wax allows for 40 hours burn time.

9. Night Blooming Jasmine - 250ml

The lightly scented jasmine candle resembles that of fresh laundry and is guaranteed to freshen up any designated space it burns in.

10. Black Pomegranate - 250ml

This candle contains the luxurious combination of pomegranate whilst layered with other notes of patchouli and earthy woods. This scent is the perfect scent for a relaxing evening or to burn on the weekend.

11. Velvet Peony & Oud - Scented Vegan Candles - 250ml

This candle is the epitome of comfort and warmth. It is a well-paired floral scent that is pungent yet not overpowering for any space.

12. Raspberry and Black Pepper Soy Wax Vegan Candle

A combination not frequently found but the pairing of raspberry and black pepper is a sweet match of scents for any house. 

The use of musk and amber with top notes of raspberry and pink pepper and rose balances themselves out for the perfect scent pairing for the upcoming spring and summer months.

13. Paradise Soy Wax Vegan Candle

The uniquely named “paradise” candle is a delicate mix of fresh coconut and bergamot. This candle creates a relaxing and breezy scent, perfect as a reminder to a past tropical holiday or favourite tropical cocktail.

14. Black Orchid - Scented Vegan Candle - 250ml

This well-loved candle is an elegant scent for any home. With base notes of black orchid, and the addition of sandalwood and vanilla that makes it a firm favourite for good reason.

There is a reason black-orchid is a much-loved scent, and this candle proves just that.

15. Jasmine and Frankincense Soy Wax Vegan Candle

Another option which is perfect for those moments when calm and tranquillity is what you need.

A combination of jasmine and frankincense is an ambient mix of oriental and warming scents from plum to cedar wood, creating a full and abundant scent for any room in your home.

16. Black Orchid Soy Wax Vegan Candle

This candle is a multi-layered fragrance. From the base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and dark chocolate to top notes of truffles, ylang-ylang and bergamot.

This candle creates a unique combination of underlying woodiness from the sandalwood with sweet to the fresh bergamot.


We hope that this guide has shown you the best vegan candles on the market which are guaranteed to make your house smell incredible.

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