10 Accidentally Vegan Snacks Available in the UK

If you're considering becoming a vegan, the easiest place to start is to identify if you're already consuming things like accidentally vegan snacks.

With Veganuary on the horizon, an ever-increasing number of people are thinking about trialling the challenge of “Veganuary”. Even large companies such as Nestle are backing the campaign and encouraging others to take part. 

Even if an item may look like a vegan and animal-product free, it is always worth checking as many manufactures may add in animal products in their preservatives or in artificial flavouring.

We’ve created an easy guide for those 10 accidentally vegan snacks that you most likely didn’t know about.

In this guide there are options perfect for those with a sweet tooth to some quick and easy savoury snack options for those on the go.

1. Oreos

One of the most stereotypically vegan snacks out there. It is unclear whether these snacks have ever come into contact with any animal products but all their products are made with vegan-friendly ingredients.


2. Skittles/Starbursts/Jelly Tots

Surprisingly these three snacks are accidentally vegan. Although without certification that the cane sugar is vegan, these sweets do not contain any animal-derived items.

3. Itsu Seaweed Thins

These crunchy thins are completely vegan and are perfect as an alternative to the usually snacking options.

 seaweed thins

4. Peanut Butter

The majority of peanut butter is vegan, however, some may contain palm oil which should be avoided for environmental reasons.

It’s also a great way to incorporate more protein into a vegan diet on toast, in smoothies or with fruit as a dessert. 

5. Hummus

99% of hummus’s are vegan, however occasionally some supermarket own brand may include unnecessary milk or milk powder. But these are likely to be an anomaly amongst most others which are usually always 100% vegan.

Hummus is an easy and nutritious way to snack especially with crudites or crackers.


6. Bourbon biscuits

Another unusual pick is the classic bourbon. It is always worth checking but most variations of the bourbon biscuit are always dairy-free and completely, not to mention accidentally, vegan.

7. Crisps

This can often be a confusing one for those turning or going vegan for Veganuary. In reality, there are many of the regular everyday crisps that are accidentally vegan.

For example:

  • Doritos and their chilli and lightly salted flavours are vegan. 
  • Pringles and their original paprika, bbq, smokey bacon and sweet chilli are all vegan. In terms of Walkers crips, the list is endless from ready salted to pickled onion, to prawn cocktail to their chip sticks. 
  • Kettle crips also have a few flavours which are completely vegan such as sea salt, lightly salted.
  • Hula hoops and their flavours such as salt and vinegar, ready salted and spicy chilli are all completely vegan.


8. Ritz Crackers

These cracks are accidentally vegan and the perfect accompaniment with some vegan cheese and chutney which can make for the perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack.  

9. Lotus Biscuits

This often a surprising one, the biscuits and spread are both in fact, vegan. Lotus Biscoff can be a delicious topping if you have a particularly sweet tooth in most sweet treats like cake, cookies and even doughnuts.

This is always a good favour to bear in mind when creating any celebration or birthday cakes for anyone going vegan/already vegan too.

Lotus biscuits accidentally vegan snack

10. McVitie’s

The classic accompaniment with tea. From their ginger nuts, choc chip hobnob to their original digestive (which has recently become vegan friendly) these classic cupboard essentials are all accidentally vegan.


We hope that this guide has helped you if you are going vegan for Veganuary or even just thinking about trialing it. Knowing what is already accidentally vegan and what isn’t, is a good first step before taking the plunge.

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