Best Vegan Food in Cardiff – Top 10 Recommendations

When I first came to Cardiff my initial impression of the vegan and plant-based restaurant/café scene was one of only doubt. Since then, it has completely transformed, with new places popping up all the time.

I can honestly say, there are some incredible recommendations on this list which will have you going back time and time again.

Whether you are new to vegan and plant-based food or have been vegan for a while, there will definitely be some new hidden gems for you to find and visit.

1. The Greenery Kitchen

One of my first foodie finds in Cardiff and one of the best vegan places in Cardiff. Conveniently located in Cardiff’s indoor market it creates no end of innovative and forward-thinking vegan food.

Some of their best vegan food includes:

  • Warming homemade soups
  • Amazing sandwich combinations with jackfruit to Tempeh BLT’S
  • A salad bar
  • Vegan toasties that will melt your mind

Did I also mention the incredible vegan sweet treats like blondies and raw mini cheesecakes which are all home-made? It has more than earned its place as one of the best vegan hot-spots in Cardiff.

2. Blanche Bakery

Another hidden gem situated on 16 Mackintosh Place, this bakery is a dream if you love vegan doughnuts and delicious coffee.

I can vouch that their sweet treats look just as good as their website and social media suggest. Moreover, they taste just as good as they look too!

From lemon tart, chocolate caramel and coconut to their special edition doughnuts created with Gaz Oakley, you will not find your typical store-bought doughnut here.

Bear in mind that they sell out fast, so are worth heading to early on in the day if you fancy one.

3. Anna Loka

Tucked away on Albany Road this Eastern and British food fusion restaurant is one to visit. From juices, superfood smoothies and lattes, this place serves all the healthy delights.

Regardless of whether you are vegan or not they serve no end of healthy, wholesome yet delicious food. Definitely try the whole food bowls and burgers!


If you love delicious plant-based food and drink, then this is the place to visit. You can also get delicious local coffee and tea, made with local organic produce.

From jerk-spiced tofu and pumpkin sandwiches to blue corn quesadillas they are one of the most innovative places I have ever come across.

5Wild Thing Cathays

This café is such a special one. They focus on plant-based and local social goals for their customers and the local community.

Every part of their menu is made from local and fresh ingredients with their focus primarily on breakfast and snacks.

I have had multiple breakfast/brunch catch-ups here and their pancakes are truly special.

6. Lazy Leek

Located in the Kings Yard in Pontcanna, Lazy Leek specialise in vegan street food made using local produce. If you are a burger lover, Lazy Leek is the place to go.

They don’t just create your average plant-based burger, they make sure it is just as indulgent as most non-vegetarian gourmet burgers that are available.

In particular, their “the bolly cauli” and “the cow(less) boy” are two of my top recommendations.

The “bolly cauli” is a spicier option served with cabbage, beetroot raita, pickled chillies and mango chutney, each flavour combination is well thought out and matched.

The “cow(less) boy” deserves equal recognition and would be a good option for those exploring the world of vegan and plant-based food.

It's layered with a home-made bean patty with onion rings, BBQ sauce, and a beetroot and carrot slaw and not to forget some melted smoked “gouda” style cheese.

7. Falafel Corner

Falafel Corner was another of my first vegan foodie finds when I first came to Cardiff and from the first time I stepped in, they had me hooked.

There is a reason there is always a queue (unless you go early, which I would recommend). This is pick-your-own like no other, you can pick a salad, pitta or Lebanese wrap as the base and from there you can add in all of your favourite salads and sauces.

From sweetcorn, sauerkraut to couscous salads this is the perfect place to get your daily quota of vegetables.

Each day they have a different “house hummus” which can be smoked paprika one day to a sweet potato-based one the next.

8. Waterloo Tea

With multiple spots around Cardiff, these cafes are the perfect place to meet a friend or to get work done. They have a certain calming atmosphere mixed with the enticing warming smell of freshly ground coffee.

When it comes to their vegan options, they do some of the best sweet vegan options in the city.

In particular, they do an incredible chocolate, lemon or orange cake which should be tried by everyone.

If you fancy something more savoury in each of their lunch menus there is always a vegan option, in particular, any of their avocado on toast options are always delicious and their wild mushroom on sourdough toast with herb aioli.

9. Depot

This one is a newer recommendation. Depot is the street-food hub of Cardiff and often has many vegan street-food options to choose from. From Bao buns to vegan burgers, it can be hard to choose from with so many options available.

Just check each week and there always tends to be at least 3 delicious vegan options.

10. Greazy Vegan

I couldn’t write the top vegan recommendations in Cardiff without including Greazy Vegan, a popular fast-food restaurant located at the end of the Castle Arcade.

This place is the place to go if you want fast-food that is reminiscent of popular fast-food chain McDonalds. From their “Big Moc” and “Vopper”, to kebabs, onion rings and dirty fries they are the epitome of fast-food but of course, vegan style.


I hope that this insight has given some inspiration for some delicious places to eat at (when we are allowed to do so again).

Whether you are looking for a fast-food alternative or a quiet café for coffee and cake, there will be an option that suits you in this list of my recommendations.

Have we missed one of your favourites out? Let us know in the comments.

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