5 Best Vegan Chocolate Boxes to Buy in the UK

One of the best ways to show thanks and appreciation is through a vegan chocolate box. Vegan chocolate is becoming an ever-growing market and tasting as good as, if not better than "normal" chocolate.

These days all flavours are becoming available from milk, dark, honeycomb to caramel and so many more innovative and new combinations.

Gone are the days where vegan chocolate was known as bland, odd or unusual - our options below will show that this isn’t the case.

We wanted to share the best vegan chocolate boxes in the UK which would make perfect gifts for loved ones, friends or simply as a show of thanks.

In this guide, there is something for everyone of different tastes, budgets and preference. Order for yourself after what has been a difficult year.

1) Asrawas Handcrafted Truffle Boxes

This little box of chocolates lovingly handmade in Somerset would make the perfect gift for a loved one. Asrawas creates an abundant array of endless combinations of chocolate from coconut and lime to raspberry and beetroot.

While not compromising on taste, flavour or indulgence. Those that contain nuts and seeds are activated in order to be more easily digested and absorbed by the body.

Each chocolate is made in small batches to ensure a high-quality finish. While all ingredients used are organic and ethically sourced. These chocolates often sell out, so we would advise purchasing some while they are still available.

Asrawas vegan chocolate box

2) Coco Caravan Bean to Truffle - Box of 9

These luxurious truffles come in a set of 9 and are perfect for a special occasion or celebration. Made by another small business, their chocolate is high quality graded 80%.

They pride themselves on the use of a traditional method of stone-grinding to grind the beans for their chocolates. 

All 100% handmade, fair-trade and organically sourced and certified to ensure fair treatment for growers and the environment that creates the beans.

Each truffle is then filled with their homemade hazelnut and chocolate paste to add an extra layer of indulgence.

Coco caravan chocolate box


Termed their “greatest hits” this option offers you a little bit of everything. While also being a little more affordable and not comprising on taste or flavour. This unconventional chocolate box contains there best-selling flavours.  

All of their chocolate is palm oil-free, made from ethical and naturally sourced ingredients.

These chocolates can be purchased from your local health food shop and some elected supermarkets making them an excellent choice for a last-minute gift.

It would also be a great option for someone wanting to try vegan chocolate before investing in more luxurious or bean to bar options.

Doisy greatest hits vegan chocolate box

4) Booja Booja Truffles

These truffles have been a long-standing favourite of so many for good reason. They began in 1991 and have become one of the front-runners in the vegan truffle space. 

Available to purchase from many high street health food shops and some supermarkets, this chocolate would be the perfect purchases for those wanting something a little luxury.

All are organic, dairy, gluten, and soya free meaning if someone has an allegory there would be one for one everyone.

Their available flavour ranges are utterly decadent from honeycomb caramel, hazelnut crunch, toffee strudel to fin de champagne. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth or those that prefer a truffle with a little more punch than most.

Booja vegan truffles

5) Luisa Vegan Chocolate Boxes

Another great small independent chocolate maker who won the Great Taste 2020. Based in Nottingham, these truffles are made from bean-to-bar.

They use a “direct trade policy” to ensure all those involved such as the farmers are guaranteed a “better than” fair-trade price.

She creates so many incredible variations from peanut butter cups to a nut or fruit-based truffle boxes, so if you had a preferred flavour or combination there would be one for you.

Her boxes have appeared in many highbrow publications such as Grazia and The Guardian.

Luisa vegan chocolate 

We hope that this guide has provided you with an option for every occasion and budget. From more pocket-friendly to luxurious and decadent, vegan chocolate cannot be known as bland after seeing these options.

The options that we have shared are some of the best options out there, so are worth the purchase for the best taste and flavour.

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