Our Story

We started goBambu (pronounced go-bamboo) when we realised that the companies who we were purchasing our eco-friendly products from all had major issues that needed solving.

We should clarify, the fact that there are many companies now offering eco-alternatives is absolutely fantastic and we couldn't be happier that we're now also contributing to this thriving industry.

However...one day we made an order from an online store only to find that the shipping had been delayed heavily. That's OK - in the current circumstances we understood that it was perfectly reasonable to expect some sort of delay.

After a while we checked the company's shipping policy only to notice something disconcerting. The company were offering a speedy delivery service to overseas locations.

We figured that the only way this would be possible is if they offered air freight and sure enough - they offered checkout to many overseas countries with speedy deliverability at frighteningly cheap costs.

We went from website to website - more of the same. These 'green' companies selling the green dream were massive polluters.

We realised it was time for change. We decided to offer more diverse products, at competitive prices but more importantly every customer will be based in the UK. No 3 day deliveries to the US, Australia and Canada - just efficient delivery within the mainland United Kingdom.

We're taking it one step further, too. 10% of all profits are donated to projects including cleaning the oceans of plastic, preventing deforestation and reforestation efforts.

As a family business who's commuting methods include walking and cycling, we're also part of the Ecologi program meaning every member of goBambu are eco-positive.

We look forward to welcoming you to the goBambu community.

Ditch plastic, goBambu.