Coconut Bowls UK | Regular, Jumbo and Family Sets


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Coconut Bowls UK

Our natural coconut bowls are the ultimate eco-friendly addition to any kitchen.

Stylish yet sustainable, our coconut bowls are hand-crafted in Vietnam from discarded coconut shells and sold exclusively in the UK.

Our options include:

  • Regular size
  • Jumbo size
  • Coconut bowl duo
  • Family set
  • Optional coconut spoons

Product Features

Unique: each bowl is made from unique coconut shells meaning every single bowl will be slightly different in their own quirky little way.

Easy to clean: our bowls are smooth as silk and coated in a layer of organic coconut oil meaning cleaning them couldn’t be easier.

Eco-friendly: our bowls are handcrafted from discarded natural coconut shells which otherwise would have gone to waste.

Versatile: stir fries, smoothie bowls, desserts and salads – your coconut bowl is a blank canvas for your food art. Due to their nature, some bowls will have fine lines within them so we don’t recommend eating cereal out of them for example.

Durable: in order to protect its creamy, white meat inside, the coconut has a naturally hard shell, designed by nature to protect it from falling from even the highest trees. This means accidentally dropping your bowls shouldn’t give you any worries.

Coconut Bowl Information

Regular Coconut Bowl

Size: 12cm-14cm x 6cm

Weight: 100g

Volume: 500ml


Jumbo Coconut Bowl

Size: 14cm-15cm x 6cm

Weight: 120g

Volume: 700ml

Coconut Spoon

Size: 16cm

Coconut Bowl Duo

Contains 1x Regular and 1x Jumbo coconut bowl

Family Set

Contains 2x Regular and 2x Jumbo coconut bowls plus 4 coconut spoons

Caring for your coconut bowls

Looking after your coconut bowls to ensure they last for years as well as keep their natural look is easy. All you need to do is:

  • Hand wash (don’t soak the bowls for long periods of time)
  • Use with cold – room temperature food and drink
  • Avoid dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and fridges

If you’re looking to buy our coconut bowls wholesale, please contact us via

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