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These reusable, washable makeup remover pads are made to last, providing a great eco-alternative to disposable makeup wipes.

3 layers of organic bamboo cotton: Unlike other brands of reusable makeup remover pads, goBambu provide 3 layered pads allowing them to endure thousands of washes over their lifespan – sparing you from torn apart rounds.

Organic cotton pouch: Every purchase comes with a FREE organic cotton pouch providing you with an organised storage option. Also comes in handy when machine-washing the pads as you can keep them together during the wash (the pouch is washable).

Save money: Designed to last years, 1 purchase not only saves countless wasted cotton pads, it will also save you money.

Mixed colours: With a mix of 8 white rounds and 8 black rounds, you can save yourself on stains by using the appropriate coloured round when removing different types of makeup.

Biodegradable: 100% biodegradable – these rounds, including the pouch, will eventually be absorbed back in to the soil, leaving zero waste. Simply compost and wait a couple of months.

Perfect for travel: Lightweight and convenient, you can pack your rounds in to their pouch and take them with you on the go. Will easily fit in to rucksacks, gym bags and handbags.

Multi-use: Whilst primarily used as makeup remover pads, the versatility and softness of the pads allows other uses such as for nail varnish removal, applying toners, cleansers and creams whilst being soft enough for use on baby skin.

Minimal packaging: Fed up of eco friendly products arriving in single use plastic wrapping and endless cardboard? Us too. Our cotton pouches are wrapped in a single layer of biodegradable/recycled kraft paper before being shipped off.

Product details:

  • Weight: Roughly 0.05kg per pouch
  • Diameter: 8cm
  • Material: Organic cotton

Product care:

You can either hand-wash or machine wash the pads. If hand-washing, just use a gentle detergent.

If machine-washing, we recommend washing at 30°C – it’s not only gentler on the pads but it’s also better for the planet!

Making your sale count:

10% of all profits on the goBambu website are donated to charities. Whilst it’s important for us to create a sustainable future, we also want to contribute now and these charities are the perfect solution.

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