Rope Dog Lead - Green | Recycled

Rope Dog Lead - Green | Recycled

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This green rope dog lead is made from recycled climbing rope and expertly refurbished in the UK before being repurposed for a new life as a dog lead.

All dog leads come with a carabiner and O ring.

Rope Dog Lead Features

Durable: As they're made out of the most durable rope out there, climbing rope, your lead is guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Recycled: Our friends at Wildbarc source our leads by scouring Welsh mountains for retired climbing ropes before expertly refurbishing them ready for their new life.

Versatile: The 4 foot size is paw-fect (sorry!) for medium to large sized dogs.

Safe: All of our rope dog leads come with a 12KN locking carabiner which provides extra security and means your dog won't accidentally unclip.

Practical: Along with the above features, our leads come with a black O ring which is perfect for attaching accessories such as dog waste bags.

Handmade: Each individual lead is expertly refurbished by hand, giving them a superior standard of quality care.

Rope Dog Lead Specs

Length - 4ft

Diameter - 9mm (minimum)

Locking Carabiner Strength - 12KN

O Ring Size - 20mm

Colour - Green