Basic Bamboo Toothbrush in Blue


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If you’re looking to purchase a bamboo toothbrush but aren’t ready to commit to a year’s supply, this basic blue toothbrush is for you.

No fuss, no branding just a simple but effective eco toothbrush. 

Why choose a bamboo toothbrush?

Biodegradable: 100% biodegradable handle that won’t end up in our oceans or landfill

Friendly to gums: Contains BPA-free nylon bristles which are friendly to gums

Carbon positive: All emissions from the creation and transport of our toothbrushes are offset

Money back guarantee: We’re so confident you’ll love our bamboo toothbrushes, we’ll give you your money back if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase

Sustainable and vegan: Made from sustainably grown bamboo and contain no materials derived from animals

Naturally antibacterial handles: inhibits the growth of mould

    Basic bamboo toothbrush details:

    • Length: 18cm
    • Weight: 8g
    • Bristle firmness: Soft or Medium
    • Materials: Bamboo and BPA-free Nylon
    • Colour: Blue

      Caring for your bamboo toothbrush:

      Your toothbrush will comfortably last 3 months which is when the British Dental Association recommend you change toothbrush. All you have to do is store it in a dry place and wash after use.

      Proper disposal of the bamboo toothbrush packaging:

      All toothbrushes are packaged in paper kraft boxes which you can easily recycle. Kraft paper is also 100% natural biomaterial meaning you can also compost it.

      Proper disposal of a bamboo toothbrush:

      The bamboo handle is 100% compostable and will take less than a few months to safely return to the soil.

      To remove the nylon bristles you can either use pliers and use a little bit of force to pull them out or you can saw off the toothbrush head. Of course, you can also up-cycle your old brushes. Head over to our blog to find out 7 clever ways you can do this.

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      If you’re looking to stock this item in your eco-friendly store, please refer to our Bamboo Toothbrush Wholesale page where you can find more information.

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