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This reusable, biodegradable bamboo cutlery set is a perfect swap for single-use plastic cutlery when eating away from your home.

Whilst in the grip of a global pandemic, this washable set is ideal for those worrying about using communal cutlery in the workplace, whilst being safe to be packaged in to a school bag.

Bamboo boasts the strength and durability of stainless steel whilst being super light meaning you can pop these in your bag without adding excess weight.

Each set contains 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon, a set of chopsticks, 1 straw and a straw cleaner – packaged in a secure, organic cotton pouch.

Bamboo Cutlery Set features:

  • Includes a full-sized cutlery set for comfortable use
  • Fully biodegradable making it a zero waste cutlery set
  • Made out of naturally anti-microbial bamboo
  • Strength and durability – bamboo has a greater tensile strength (resistance to being pulled apart) than steel and withstands pressure better than concrete
  • Lightweight – at just 90g a set, carrying the extra weight in your bag will not pose any problems
  • Plastic and BPA-free

How practical are they?

Being lightweight and durable gives the sets a degree of versatility that is unmatched. They are suitable for almost any occasion, some of which include:

  • Using for packed lunches at work, university or school
  • Using for a picnic
  • Delighting guests at BBQs
  • Taking them with you on camping trips
  • Packing in your rucksack for festivals

Bamboo Cutlery Set information:

  • Length: 20cm
  • Weight: 80g/set
  • Main materials: Bamboo and organic cotton

Caring for your Bamboo Cutlery Set:

Whilst the cutlery set is suitable for dishwashers, you should hand-wash them with care to ensure the bamboo keeps its beautiful, natural colour throughout its lifespan.

The cotton pouch is machine washable – wash at a cooler temperature to reduce your carbon footprint.

Bamboo Cutlery Set disposal:

The cutlery sets are designed to last for years. When they do come to the end of their lifespan, you can easily compost them where they will safely return to the soil within a couple of months.

The washable cotton pouch will last for many years. As a result, it can be repurposed for storing other cutlery in the future.

Making your sale count

10% of all profits on the goBambu website are donated to charities. Whilst it’s important for us to create a sustainable future, we also want to contribute now and these charities are the perfect solution.

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