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With 27,000 trees a day being cut down to cope with the world’s toilet paper demand, a move towards eco friendly toilet paper is one we should all make.

According to the Guardian, some of the major toilet paper brands have slowed or even reversed the use of recycled paper in their products, leading to even more unnecessary deforestation.

Fortunately there are some pioneering brands emerging who are offering high quality bamboo toilet paper as well as recycled toilet paper, paving the way for us to finally flush away deforesting corporations.

Read on for a list of the 10 best bamboo and recycled toilet paper brands offering alternatives in the UK in 2023.

UPDATE: Having tried a few more brands since originally publishing this article, we have a new favourite!

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Bazoo have been around for a couple of years now so I decided it was about time I gave them a whirl. And wow, was I pleasantly surprised.

Aside from their quirky branded packaging (which includes some nifty environmental facts which you might be interested to know), the quality of the actual toilet paper is unmatched.

I honestly think this is the softest brand of toilet paper I’ve ever used – bamboo, recycled or virgin wood included. I have no idea how they’ve managed it but I’m certainly not complaining!

Being 3-ply, the paper is highly absorbent and didn’t break apart when I ran it under a bit of water. Having this strength and thickness means that you’ll likely use far less paper when compared to other brands.

One of the annoyances I’ve had whilst using Who Gives A Crap is that the paper doesn’t generally tear properly, frequently bringing half of the next sheet with it. I’ve had no such issue since switching over to Bazoo.

In terms of the price, Bazoo fair favourably against companies such as Andrex, Cheeky Panda and others. You can buy their paper in sets of 24 or 48 which not only brings the price per sheet down for you, but results in fewer deliveries and ultimately fewer carbon emissions. Plus, you can use our link below to get £10 off!

Choose Bazoo because:

  • They have the softest freaking paper known to man (this might not be factually correct!)
  • No plastic is used in the packaging
  • They allow the option of unbleached or white toilet paper for the same price.
  • You can get £10 OFF using the link below!


Combining environmentally friendly toilet paper with an admirable ethos, Who Gives A Crap’s soft but strong toilet rolls are ideal for anyone looking to make a green change in their bathroom.

They have a couple of different options available including bamboo toilet paper or recycled toilet paper so essentially you can take your pick.

While the price tag looks quite high, per sheet it’s on par with many of the regular loo roll companies such as Andrex and the strength of the rolls ensure they last much longer than cheaper brands. Basically, they’re not the cheapest toilet roll brand in the world but they’re not the most expensive either.

The toilet paper also doesn’t use any inks or dyes which makes it friendly to the Earth and your bum!

Having used this company at our home for the last year or so, the only slight downside is that you need to be a little bit careful when tearing the paper off as it is prone to tearing diagonally (or my toilet ripping tendencies are just far too aggressive).

Away from the toilet paper, Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets for people in areas of the world who don’t have access to them. So whilst the price tag may seem high, you’re theoretically donating to a good cause in the meantime.

If we were to ever stock bamboo toilet paper, this is definitely a company we’d go with!

Choose Who Gives A Crap because:

  • They meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact
  • They’ve donated £4.5million to help provide toilets to under-privileged people around the world
  • The sustainably sourced bamboo toilet paper is as good as any standard toilet paper
  • Who Gives A Crap use completely plastic-free packaging


Cheeky Panda are another company who provide bamboo toilet paper made from 100% virgin bamboo pulp.

Their toilet paper is biodegradable and avoids the use of any chemicals or fragrances making it soft on the skin. It’s also BPA-free.

The toilet paper comes in 180 soft and strong sheets per roll and at 120 grams per roll is 20% heavier than typical recycled rolls.

If you’re considering buying in bulk to reduce delivery emissions, the pack of 45 comes in at just under £30 which is one of the best valued eco friendly toilet papers currently on the market.

Through the sales of their bamboo toilet paper, Cheeky Panda donate to organisations such as The World Land Trust, Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Toilet Twinning.

Choose Cheeky Panda because:

  • The bulk buying option provides excellent value
  • Their use of bamboo saves 65% of carbon emissions when compared to using trees
  • All of the packaging in entirely plastic free


As someone who hates the whole ‘branding’ thing, I’m definitely a big fan of Bamboo Bobbi. They’re simple, to the point and more importantly incredibly sustainable.

Without mucking around with fancy packaging, they’ve built a simple product that serves it’s purpose which is to wipe our bums. Do we really need anything more than that?

Each roll contains 200 sheets which is more than some of the products on this list but they are only 2 ply which makes them a little less stronger.

They’re also free from any inks, dyes and bleaching. Typical toilet roll uses bleaching to get the white colour, hence Bamboo Bobbi’s toilet paper being closer to brown than white.

Choose Bamboo Bobbi because:

  • They don’t mess around with fancy, wasteful packaging 
  • They provide affordable, ethical toilet paper
  • Bamboo Bobbi avoid the use of chemical bleaching making their toilet paper softer for your skin


Skinkissed are one of the more expensive bamboo toilet paper providers but if you’re looking for that luxurious quality typically associated with brands like Andrex, they’re a good choice.

The toilet paper is 4-ply for additional softness and has 300 sheets per roll so while you can expect to pay more per roll (just over £1) each individual roll is going to last you much longer than others.

They also avoid the use of chemicals, ensuring the paper remains organic.

All of the bamboo used for their product is sourced responsibly from an FSC-certified bamboo forest. They’re also packaged in paper that is recycled 

Outside of their toilet roll, Sunkissed have a variety of different vegan and cruelty free products and also donate 20% of their profits to different charities.

Choose Skinkissed because:

  • They offer ethical, sustainable toilet paper that matches the quality of companies like Andrex
  • 20% of their profits go to different charities
  • From product to packaging, they’re 100% recyclable or biodegradable 


Rather appropriately named, Bumboo are another supplier to make our list that provides environmentally friendly bamboo toilet paper.

Bumboo’s aim has been to create soft, luxury toilet tissue, made with 100% bamboo, rather than trees and it’s done just that since they launched a few years ago.

Like Sunkissed, the toilet rolls are made up of 300 individual sheets (3-ply) that are hand wrapped in recyclable paper for hygienic reasons. They contain zero ink, no dyes and are fragrance free. As bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial this makes them even kinder to your skin.

Again, the price is a little bit steep (about 80p per roll) but they should last you longer than a typical roll. Bumboo are so confident you’ll love their toilet roll that they offer a 100% money back guarantee with every purchase.

It’s also nice to know that for every box of toilet rolls Bumboo sell, they plant a tree.

Choose Bumboo because:

  • The toilet paper is exceptionally soft and kind to your skin
  • They plant a tree for every box purchased
  • Bumboo offer a money back guarantee so if you’re not totally happy you can request a refund 


Naked Sprout are another bamboo toilet paper supplier based in the UK and are focused on being wholly organic in their approach to both product and packaging.

Their bamboo toilet roll is 100% organic with zero bleach and zero chemicals added. Each roll contains 300 sheets and like some others on this list are 3-ply which contributes to the softness and strength of the paper. In order to save on multiple delivery emissions you can order in bulk sizes like 48 rolls or 96 rolls with the price dropping with the more you purchase.

They also offer a handy subscription service with even more of a discount so you never run out. If you’re not completely happy with your order they also offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Their packaging is very basic and the rolls are not individually wrapped saving on more waste.

It’s also nice to know that for every box purchased, Naked Sprout donate money to ensure 1 child gets access to safe drinking water at school for a year. 

Choose Naked Sprout because:

  • Their toilet roll is soft and gentle on your skin
  • They offer an ethical and environmentally friendly toilet paper
  • Some of their profits are donated to charitable organisations 


The hilariously named Uranus Wiper were the first brand in the UK to offer quilted recycled toilet paper.

As one of only a few 4-ply toilet rolls on this list, the quilted paper is one of the softest eco friendly toilet papers around and is basically the Andrex of the eco toilet roll world. While the sheet count of each roll is 150, this is reflected in the price (just over 60p per roll).

Like others, Uranus Wiper offer the chance to save emissions from deliveries with bulk buy options and the fact that they manufacture their toilet roll in the UK helps travel emissions too.

In terms of packaging, they come in UK design patented, zero plastic kraft paper bags. This helps reduce the plastic problems marine life are currently dealing with. The packaging is also biodegradable although they’re cool enough to be repurposed as something else.

Choose Uranus Wiper because:

  • Their toilet paper is luxuriously soft as well as eco-friendly
  • Their roll is made from 100% recycled paper which otherwise would have gone to waste
  • The packaging is entirely biodegradable and won’t end up at landfill or in our oceans


Ecoleaf toilet paper is one of the more renowned recycled forms having been introduced by the ethical worker Cooperative Suma Wholefoods.

It’s made from 100% recycled paper and while on first glance might look like it’s packaged in plastic is actually covered by a layer of compostable wrap.

Each roll has an average of 240 sheets and is 2-ply. It’s not the strongest or most comfortable toilet paper ever but it does the job without sacrificing the environment.

The toilet roll is made ethically in the UK and thus creates less emissions than what is typically associated with bamboo toilet roll which is commonly grown and manufactured in Asia.

The pricing is fairly standard at just under 70p per roll so offers consumers decent value for money.

Choose Ecoleaf because:

  • Suma’s core values rely on equality and sustainability so they’re worth supporting
  • Their toilet roll is made from 100% recycled paper so no virgin trees are used during the production of it
  • The packaging is sustainable, renewable, non-polluting and non-toxic


While neither recycled or made from bamboo, Soft On Nature are a decent intermediate choice for those who want to introduce more sustainable toilet roll into their lives but perhaps can’t afford the high prices of the current best eco friendly toilet paper options.

Soft On Nature source their paper responsibly and sustainably while giving back to Tree Aid in order to plant more trees than they use.

The packaging they use includes recyclable cardboard as well as completely plastic free wrappers that are home compostable.

Where Soft On Nature really shines is in the cost. At just over 30p per roll, it’s much cheaper than all of the best sustainable toilet rolls and is cheaper yet than many of the common brands found in supermarkets. The price allows anyone to choose a more environmentally friendly option.

Choose Soft On Nature because:

  • They plant more trees than they use
  • The price point is very low, giving lower income families better access to eco friendly toilet paper
  • They’re completely plastic free


Switching to a more environmentally friendly toilet paper is such a simple swap  that anyone can make. By using recycled toilet paper or bamboo toilet paper you can drastically reduce the amount of emissions and waste associated with the typical toilet roll found in supermarkets around the UK.

We personally use bamboo paper as we like the fact that it is sustainably grown, biodegradable and doesn’t clog waterways unlike conventional toilet roll. That’s not to say that recycled toilet paper isn’t worth it however. Anything that doesn’t use virgin trees is going to be better for the environment.

If you can’t afford to fully switch to eco friendly toilet paper, why not just get a few deliveries per year instead so you can at least reduce your impact overall? The more people start purchasing plastic free toilet paper, the cheaper it will become eventually.

As a collective, we need to show companies like Andrex that there is a big demand for more sustainable options.

Do you have a favourite toilet roll that you use or think there’s someone we’ve missed off our list? Get in touch and we’ll update this post!

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