A Guide to Bamboo Socks

Having the best bamboo socks will give you unrivalled comfort due to their breathability, odour resistance and the thermal regulating properties of bamboo. But with so many new companies bringing bamboo socks to the UK market, how do you know which ones to choose?

After all, if you get the choice wrong you might end up with socks that are not true to size, shrink in the wash or have poor stitching which makes them susceptible to dreaded holes in your socks.

Fortunately, we’ve surveyed hundreds of sustainable living enthusiasts as well as sampled some of the most popular bamboo socks and have combined that with thousands of consumer reviews to create the ultimate guide to bamboo socks.

So which ones came out on top? Find out by reading on.


When it comes to the best men’s bamboo socks, there’s one brand that stands out quite clearly. +MD’s mix of solid and patterned crew socks are the ideal choice for men with their mix of comfort and professional aesthetics.

One of the best features of these socks is the perfect ratio between the predominantly bamboo fibre and elastic materials. This combination gives you plenty of cushion for comfortable wear in any shoe or trainer type whilst avoiding any constriction in the calf and toe region.

Whilst fashion experts suggest that you bin socks that are 6 – 12 months in age, I’ve been wearing these once a week for over 6 months and there’s no sign of wear and tear yet. This makes me think that, like some other socks I’ve had in the past, they should last way beyond this timeframe.

Another benefit of these socks in particular are their total supremacy over cotton in terms of being able to wick odour-causing moisture away from your feet. This is particularly useful for those who have to deal with sweaty feet and makes formal shoes much more comfortable to wear.

I purchased these socks back in January and have been wearing them since and it’s definitely worth mentioning that the temperature regulating properties of bamboo have been a major positive. Through the colder months they keep your feet warm but during the summer months (and especially during the recent heatwave) they were a god-sent as for the most part they were able to keep my feet relatively cool.

Overall these bamboo socks from +MD are a must for any professional or anyone out there who wants to rock a whacky look if wearing with shorts (although fashionistas would probably advise against that!)


  • Keeps feet warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • Bamboo’s antibacterial properties stop any build up of odour
  • Highly comfortable fit with no skin irritation
  • High quality stitching ensures the socks last a long time


  • None


If you’re looking for the best women’s bamboo socks you don’t need to look much further than Elyfer who were an overwhelming favourite among our female sustainable living enthusiasts.

Elyfer’s ladies bamboo socks consist of 80% bamboo fibre which gives them added comfort despite being quite thin which means they’re suitable for all shoe types.

One of the defining features of these socks are their structural design. With quality stitching and suitable fabric use in all areas, the socks maintain their shape which means they’re not going to be slipping down your legs every 5 minutes.

These socks come in a variety of different colours including black, white and beige but you also have the option to get a mix too. The sizes are also inclusive with sizes ranging from small to large so you won’t have to worry about whether they’ll fit you or not.

Overall, these women’s bamboo socks are high quality, provide fantastic comfort and come at a value for money price.


  • Regulates temperature so your feet don’t get too hot or too cold
  • Anti-odour properties means you can wear them all day without worrying about your feet smelling
  • Great design ensures the socks stay up on your legs
  • High bamboo fibre content provides a soft and cushioning wearing experience


  • Fabric softener could have adverse effects on the socks


There’s nothing worse than trainer socks that slip down your heels and exposing your achilles to vigorous rubbing against your trainers. Unfortunately, there are one or two brands of bamboo socks that are prone to this, so our advice would be to go with GoWith (sorry – I couldn’t resist!)

Apart from staying in position, GoWith’s bamboo trainer socks have a variety of other features. Firstly, the cuff of the sock that is designed so well to keep the sock falling down your heel isn’t actually as tight as you’d think. This means you get the benefit of the socks staying up without them being too constricting around the ankle area which can ultimately cause discomfort.

Like most other bamboo socks, the fabric is highly adept at dealing with sweat and this is all the more important for trainer socks where you’re likely going to be wearing them whilst doing something active. This of course makes them ideal for use when cycling, running or going to the gym. The moisture wicking properties of these socks are extremely ideal for those who suffer with blisters often too.

Overall these bamboo trainer socks are a must-buy for anyone who lives an active lifestyle.


  • Excellent moisture-wicking properties ensure your feet stay comfortable whilst exercising
  • Comfortable fit and bamboo fabric reduces chances of developing or aggravating blisters
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sustainably sourced and eco-friendly bamboo fabric
  • Stylish design


  • None


If you’re looking for both durable and comfortable bamboo socks for walking or hiking, then our sustainable living community highly recommend these socks by Storm Bloc.

Thick yet breathable, they’re suitable for walking, hiking, gyming and pretty much any outdoor activity where your feet need that extra bit of protection.

Unlike many bamboo hiking socks on the market, these ones offer arch support which will help your feet to adjust to the soft padding of the natural bamboo material whilst ensuring that your feet don’t ache too much. Arch support in socks has even been known to help reduce inflammation allowing you to walk for longer without too much stress on your feet.

Overall, these socks would compliment any active walkers or hikers looking to add a bit of comfort to their activities.


  • Incredibly comfortable – perhaps the most comfortable bamboo socks out of any brand in the UK
  • Added arch support means you can walk and hike for longer with less pain
  • Moisture wicking capabilities means the socks are quicker to dry than cotton which is ideal if you’re travelling or camping


  • Earlier this year, a number of customers complained about the stitching but this issue seems to have been resolved


According to Very Well Health, people with diabetes might pay more attention to their sock choice than anyone else. Fortunately, bamboo is one of the best materials for diabetics due to how well it keeps your feet dry and there’s one brand in particular that makes the best bamboo socks for diabetics: IOMI.

These socks are made from a blend of bamboo viscose, organic cotton, polyester, polyamide and elastane which combine to bring something that’s breathable yet non-binding which promotes proper circulation in the feet and leg area.

They’re especially useful for diabetics who suffer from swollen legs due to the fact that they carefully mould to fit the shape of your leg without constricting.

Perhaps one of the best features of IOMI’s bamboo diabetic socks is how well they maintain their shape over time. Many consumers report that despite using them for over a year and subjecting them to multiple machine washes, they’ve retained their shape without any fraying or fading.


  • Allows for efficient blood circulation which is especially useful for those who are diabetic
  • Maintains shape over the course of multiple machine washes
  • Thick enough to give you more comfort than socks made from cotton
  • Wide leg fit ensures the socks don’t chafe or leave any constriction marks on your legs


  • None


Knee high bamboo socks need to be very well designed to ensure they stay in place and remain as comfortable as possible so it’s no surprise that we’ve gone with +MD (our choice for best overall) for this category.

+MD’s knee high compression socks are ideal for anyone with discomfort or swelling of the lower legs as the pressure applied helps to improve blood flow.

They’re rather thin so are more suitable for use when wearing comfortable shoes but do have somewhat padded heel and sole sections which helps mitigate any discomfort when wearing more formal shoes for long periods.

Again, like most bamboo socks, these are great at resisting and reducing the effects of odour whilst thermal controls ensure your feet remain cool or warm, depending on the weather.

Overall this bamboo knee high socks would be a great addition to your footwear collection and even more so if you’re on your feet all day whilst working.


  • Compression socks help to improve blood flow in your lower legs which is ideal if your occupation involves being on your feet all day
  • Thin but elastic fabric makes thee socks diverse for all calf sizes
  • Stays at the top of your lower leg so you’re not having to constantly pull them up
  • Very soft to the touch and doesn’t irritate your skin after long hours of wearing them


  • Sizes are a little bit difficult to gauge so make sure you check the size chart properly


Bamboo socks have a number of benefits of various other types of fabrics including being eco-friendly, odour resistant, naturally anti-microbial and having the ability to regulate the temperature of your feet.

Let’s take a deeper dive into why these elements are so important.

Eco-friendly Material

Perhaps the thing bamboo socks are most famous for is the fact that bamboo fibre is far more eco-friendly than non-organic cotton and other fabric types.

Moisture Wicking

Bamboo fabric, being natural, is simply much better than synthetic materials when it comes to absorbing and wicking moisture away from your feet. This means you’ll sweat less than you would if you were wearing socks with just 30 – 40% natural material.

Odour Resistant

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and this is a huge benefit of using it in socks. As your feet are more insulated and constantly generate heat from friction with your footwear, sweaty feet is a common problem for a lot of people. A side effect of this is odour-causing bacteria. With bamboo’s natural bacteria-fighting properties, bamboo socks can significantly reduce the effect of odour.

Thermo Regulation

Bamboo is a natural material and it’s for this reason it is highly breathable. The combination of providing better air circulation as well as absorbing moisture from your feet ensures they never get too hot or cold when wearing bamboo socks.

Incredibly Comfortable

Having a blend of various materials make bamboo socks perform as well as any other fabric when it comes to use in socks. But where it excels is in the comfort level. Fabric derived from bamboo is generally regarded as being one of the softest materials for use in socks which makes them a dream to wear, especially if you’re on your feet all day or compete in lots of sports.


Whilst bamboo socks aren’t highly popular in the UK at the moment, the combination of being eco-friendly, odour resistant and incredibly comfortable means consumers in the UK will likely jump at the chance of purchasing bamboo socks in the future.

The aim of this article has been to highlight some of the fantastic brands already out there and whilst +MD were our men’s bamboo socks choice and Elyfer were our women’s bamboo socks choice, there are plenty more on the market which you can buy and expect great value.

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