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The best bamboo mirror will be something that provides a pristine, high definition reflection, comes in the perfect size and overall matches the aesthetics of your current interior decor.

But with plenty of bamboo mirrors currently on the market in the UK how do you know which one is best for you? After all, if you get the choice wrong then you might end up with something that is poorly designed, doesn’t hang up well and overall just looks out of place.

Fortunately we reached out to our sustainable living community and asked them for their favourite picks and we’ve combined their choices with thousands of consumer reviews to come up with this definitive guide to the best bamboo mirror in the UK.

With that being said let’s not waste any more time and jump into the article.


When it comes to choosing the best bamboo mirror overall the sustainable living community almost unanimously agreed on one choice: Domax.

Domax’s hanging bamboo mirror is large, elegant and is incredibly easy to hang up on your wall due to the fact that it comes with an adjustable strap as well as a helpful wall mount hook.

Due to the precise nature of Domax’s manufacturing process, the surface of this bamboo mirror is incredibly flat. This essentially means the mirror is fantastic at reflecting light at the same angle it hits the surface. As a result, the reflection from this bamboo mirror is incredibly sharp and clear – unlike some budget brands who have a slightly rougher mirror surface which tends to scatter light, resulting in a less clear reflection.

Another great aspect of this bamboo mirror is how versatile it is. You could use it in the bathroom, the lounge or even in your kitchen. And the adjustable leather strap allows you to hang it on any wall meaning you can decide how much space it takes up.

One thing you should keep in mind is that delivery takes around a week which isn’t completely ideal.

Overall this bamboo mirror is a quality purchase and will compliment any interior decor style whilst also being suitable for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or lounges.


  • Comes in a 15” x 15” design which is a great size
  • The study construction means it’s durable and will last for years
  • The mirror surface is entirely flat which gives a clear reflection
  • Highly versatile


  • Delivery can take at least a week


If you’re looking for a great bamboo make up mirror that will complement your make up routine then Wangirl is the perfect choice.

Perfect to sit on top of your desk, this lightweight and easily movable bamboo framed mirror offers you unrivalled convenience as opposed to the inflexible fixed mirror options.

In addition to this this bamboo make up mirror also gives you the option to magnify by three times. This essentially means that you can work on intricate details of your make up without worrying about how accurate you are – overall giving you a better look.

It also has the ability to swivel at different angles Which gives you that extra bit of control.

Perhaps one of the best features of Wangirl’s bamboo make up mirror is the fact that it comes with an illuminating and rechargeable light. This light helps you accentuate features where you will be applying your make up to and is especially useful if you have eco-bulbs in your room which are typically quite dim.

Finally, we just really like the look of this light. The natural bamboo wood perfectly complements any style and wouldn’t look out of place in either your bedroom or bathroom.

The bamboo make up mirror comes in two parts: the base and the mirror, and is very easy to assemble in just five minutes. Once assembled, the mirror is fairly sturdy and should last you for years to come.


  • Comes with a rechargeable light which makes applying makeup much easier
  • Has a swivel feature which allows you to be more precise in your makeup application
  • Is almost entirely made of eco-friendly bamboo


  • The warm light setting could be a bit brighter


Our favourite bamboo bathroom mirror is this one by Relaxdays. Made out of a bamboo frame, an MDF shelf and a glass mirror, this all in one bamboo mirror is the perfect addition to any bathroom.

The mirror is roughly 21 inches in height and 15 inches in width which makes it the perfect size for cleaning your teeth, doing your make up or shaving. As the surface of the mirror is so flat, it’s very simple to clean which is especially useful for those who use an electric toothbrush and usually have bits of toothpaste flying everywhere!

The mirror comes with two holders at the back which makes for easy wall mounting although you will need to screw in two screws for the mirror to attach to. This isn’t a great deal of effort but is slightly inconvenient.

As for the MDF shelf which is included in the price, it’s great for holding anything from your bamboo toothbrushes, hair accessories and a reusable soap dispenser. The shelf is able to withstand around 5 kg of weight so you shouldn’t have an issue with storing your items on it.

Whilst this mirror is best suited for a bathroom environment, it will also work well in a hallway, living room or in the bedroom to be used as a make up mirror thanks to its handy storage shelf.

Overall, this is a fantastic bamboo mirror for your bathroom which is easy to put up, comes with a handy little shelf for your accessories and ultimately looks really good.


  • Is an ideal size for placing above your bathroom sink
  • Comes with a handy shelf which saves on storage space
  • Fits in seamlessly with existing decor


  • Needs to be hanged correctly to ensure it doesn’t look wonky


Whilst there aren’t too many manufacturers currently making large bamboo mirrors, there is one particular mirror currently on the market in the UK which fits the bill and that’s the 70cm x 70cm mirror by 4VWIN.

With a fairly large diameter, this mirror is great at making the room feel a lot larger than it is. On top of this, depending on where the mirror is located on the wall, you can get a good view of almost your entire outfit for the day.

In terms of aesthetics, this mirror is really nice to look at with it’s minimalistic style. The bamboo has a vibrant, natural look to it and will suit any decor style but looks particularly good when hung up on the wall in the lounge.

It also comes with a handy protective film which means that when it’s being delivered it’s protected against any damage.

Overall this large bamboo mirror is stylish and serves its purpose. It is on the pricey side and will cost you more than a typical wooden mirror frame so you’ll need to bear that in mind.


  • Large size can brighten up the room and make it look more spacious than it is
  • Made out of eco-friendly bamboo
  • Stylish yet minimalistic


  • Expensive compared to mirrors with a wooden frame


Having a black framed mirror is a great way to add some contrast to an already bright room. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best black bamboo mirror then look no further than Spiegel who are specialists when it comes to mirrors.

Spiegel have created this stylish yet minimalistic mirror that’s easy to hang and will provide optimum contrast to any bright room in the home. Their black mirror is also around 15 inches in height and 15 inches in width which is the perfect size to be used above the sink or in the hallway.

In terms of reflection, the mirror’s ultra flat surface has been optimised to bounce light at the perfect angle which results in a crystal clear, high definition image.

To give customers that extra bit of peace of mind, Spiegel offer guaranteed money back if you’re not totally satisfied with the mirror.


  • Manufactured to typically high standards
  • The striking black mirror frame provides an attractive contrast to bright rooms or hallways
  • The mirror is very easy to hang up and comes with a handy strap


  • Delivery takes up to 2 weeks


When considering which bamboo mirror to purchase, there’s a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you buy the right one for you.


It’s worth considering the purpose of the mirror. Do you need a mirror for the bathroom? Or perhaps you need a new makeup mirror? In these two instances, you’ll need two completely different mirrors. For example, a bamboo makeup mirror should have some magnification and should be easily stored on top of your desk. A bathroom mirror should be hung up on the wall and should be easy to wipe.


Size is another thing to consider. Large mirrors are great for making a room look more spacious but they might also reflect a bit too much light on sunny days. Small mirrors on the other hand are often great for applying makeup or shaving but are not so good when it comes to checking out your outfit for the day.


It goes without saying that if you’re in the market for a bamboo mirror, make sure the mirror is made out of bamboo. When buying online a lot of product listings will include the word ‘bamboo’ without actually being made out of bamboo which can be incredibly annoying and misleading. In order to avoid purchasing something that isn’t bamboo, try to look at the product images with more detail. Bamboo has a very obvious and uniform pattern and should look something like this:

bamboo grain


Replacing plastic, metal or wooden mirror frames with bamboo is not only a great choice to add something unique to your interior design, it’ll also go one step further to helping the planet.

Whilst our and the sustainable living community’s favourite mirror was the one made by Domax, all of the mirrors on this list serve their purpose.

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