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Vegan Protein Bars Available in the UK

If you eat a predominantly plant-based or vegan diet then you will know that ensuring that you have enough protein each day is something to be aware of. Especially, if you are more active then the amount of protein you need is likely to increase. The UK guidelines state that women need 64g of protein […]

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Vegan Cereal Available in the UK

If you’re just starting out on your vegan adventure, you might be curious to know what cereals in the UK are vegan. Whilst you might think that the majority of the traditional cereals are vegan, there are many cereals on supermarket shelves that contain Vitamin D3 which is typically sourced from fish oil or sheep […]

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The Definitive Vegan Crisps Guide

If you’re just starting your vegan journey, you might be thinking about all the things you’ll have to give up and that might include snacks such as crisps. Fortunately there are many places where you can find vegan crisps in the UK and we’ve put together this handy little guide to help you! Common Crisp […]

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