Vegan Cereal Available in the UK

If you’re just starting out on your vegan adventure, you might be curious to know what cereals in the UK are vegan.

Whilst you might think that the majority of the traditional cereals are vegan, there are many cereals on supermarket shelves that contain Vitamin D3 which is typically sourced from fish oil or sheep wool.

With that being said, I’ve created a list of the best vegan cereals readily available in the UK to give you some peace of mind.


Whilst some Weetabix products do indeed contain Vitamin D3 sourced through animals, you’ll have no worries when it comes to their original cereal.

The Weetabix Original is 100% vegan and is joined by other products in their range including Weetabix Banana Flavour, Weetabix with Chocolate and Weetabix Golden Syrup as being vegan-friendly.

weetabix cereal


The original Shreddies cereal is another widely bought cereal which can be considered as vegan-friendly.

On top of this, they don’t use any artificial colours or flavours and use all recyclable packaging.

shreddies cereal original


Following on from the original Shreddies is the tasty Coco Shreddies. If you like your vegan-friendly cereal to be sugary then this is the one for you! To produce 100g of this product Nestle have used 77.3g of Whole Grain.

However, I wouldn’t recommend eating this year-round as the sugar content is a little bit too high for my liking.

shreddies coco


If you’re looking for a low-salt cereal then this is the one for you. Whilst Dorset Cereals may not be as well known as the big boys of the cereal world, they more than hold their own in terms of taste and quality.

This muesli in particular is ideal for those who aren’t keen on raisins and would prefer their cereal not to have added sugar.

I would say though that if you’re not a fan of dates, it might be a good idea to skip this one!

dorset cereals simply nutty


You might’ve already guessed this but for the sake of certainty, of course porridge oats are vegan-friendly.

These particular oats are a personal favourite as they’re cheap, filling and mix really well with oat milk.

3 minutes in the microwave and topped with some fresh fruit is the way to go with these and make a great breakfast all year round.

tesco porridge oats


Lizi’s are relatively new to the cereal game but they’ve definitely earned some rave reviews for their low sugar granola.

This vegan friendly cereal is a rare low sugar granola whilst also providing a delicious taste.

Some people are so satisfied with it that they use it in desserts such as crumble.

It also contains at least 1g of beta-glucans from oats per 50g serving. A daily intake of 3g of beta-glucans contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and GL testing has confirmed the benefits of beta-glucans towards the steady release of energy after a meal.

Top tip: add warm milk instead of cold to really get the best out of this cereal.



The Fuel 70% Cocoa Chunks is the next granola to make our list but this one has a difference to the rest.

The cocoa chunks add a chocolatey taste whilst providing a solid amount of protein.

It’s been described by some as a ‘healthy Coco Pops’ which is all the motivation I need!

They can be eaten with yoghurt, milk or simply snacked on right from the pack.

fuel granola


A tasty breakfast which has less sugar than you’d think from looking at the box, Asda’s own brand Rainbow Hoops is a low fat cereal suitable for vegans.

Moreover, Rainbow Hoops contain no artificial flavours or hydrogenated fat whilst being a great source of fibre.

Whilst not quite as good as the US version, Fruit Loops, they’re pretty close in standard whilst being much cheaper. Besides, who doesn’t love a classic rip-off name like ‘Rainbow Hoops’?!

rainbow hoops


Another chocolatey number which is vegan-friendly, Asda’s own brand Cookie Hoops (real name anyone?!) will definitely do it for the chocoholic vegans.

Whilst the flavour of the cereal isn’t mind-blowing, they do contain a lot less sugar than similar types of cereal which is only a win in my book.

The best feature of this cereal is that it has a nice crunch to it and takes awhile to go soggy.

cookie hoops cereal


Going back to well known classics, Frosted Shreddies are a certified UK vegan cereal by the Vegan Society.

With 4 layers of wheat, they’re well optimised to fight off sogginess and maintain a bit of crunch throughout.

With many cereals in the UK working hard to reduce the amount of sugar in their products, Nestle has struck a nice balance between tasty but not too sugary.

Shreddies the frosted one


Going by ratings alone (however accurate they may be) the Asda own brand Blueberry Wheaties Cereal certainly comes out on top.

With an average rating a smidgeon below 5, this vegan cereal might perhaps be the best overall available in the UK.

The only downside I could find in the reviews is that they were too small which is hardly the biggest downside. Perhaps if they did a larger size to save on packaging they would almost certainly take the crown as the best vegan cereal in the UK.

Odd Recipe Idea:

1) Soak 45g in 100ml milk

2) Mush it up

3) Put blueberries in and microwave

4) Add a couple of dark chocolate buttons melted on top

The result? What can only be described as a chocolate topped, warm blueberry muffin!

Blueberry Wheaties Vegan Cereal UK

So there we have it, 11 great cereals which are considered to be vegan-friendly and available to purchase in the UK. You’ll be able to find these cereals in the big supermarkets like Tesco and Asda but there are many like-for-like cereals available at most of the other supermarkets.

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