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Investing in the best bamboo boxers is not only kind to the planet but your skin will be thanking you too. Bamboo is one of the most breathable fabrics known to man (far more than cotton for example) which makes it the best choice for any type of underwear from boxers to women’s briefs. But today, it’s all about bamboo boxers.

With many new clothing retailers popping up every week claiming to have the best boxers available in the UK, how do you know which ones to trust? After all, if you get the choice wrong you may find that your new bamboo boxers are becoming unstitched after just a couple of washes, are inefficient at providing support or haven’t been sized properly and therefore don’t fit.

Fortunately, we’ve put multiple brands to the test to find the cream of the crop and have documented our findings below including our best overall choice, the most comfortable bamboo boxers as well as a budget choice (bamboo boxers aren’t cheap!)

We also combined our own research with thousands of consumer reviews just to confirm the boxers we tried weren’t just an anomaly. So with that being said, let’s dive into it.


When it comes to the best bamboo boxers overall, for us, this was an easy choice. When taking into consideration factors such as durability, comfort, sizing, style and overall value for money it’s hard to look past David Archy.

David Archy’s bamboo boxers are made from 95% bamboo rayon and 5% elastane which gives them fantastic sweat wicking capabilities as well as being soft to the touch. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear, especially if you find that you’re quite active throughout the day. It also makes them ideal to wear when playing sports and are even more convenient if, like me, you commute to work via a bicycle (that cotton boxers-caused chaffing is no joke).

Furthermore, the actual structure of the bamboo boxers acts as another layer of comfort. The 3D pouch and fly design is consistent with your typical cotton-made boxers and give you the level of support you’re used to. This essentially means they’re not too constricting, which is bad for your private parts but not too loose where they bunch up and cause painful chafing.

One of the most annoying aspects of ordering underwear, or any items of clothing for that matter online is that it’s hard to gauge whether it’s actually going to fit or not when it arrives. For David Archy’s bamboo boxers this isn’t an issue. The sizing charts are incredibly accurate and it seems that’s been the case for the majority of consumers too. This of course means you can order online and not worry about having to return the boxers should they not fit.

These bamboo boxers are also one of the more durable currently on the market in the UK and should last you between 6 – 12 months (which is when experts advise you to change your boxers) assuming you wash them on a gentle cycle and below 40 degrees celsius.

In terms of style and appearance, these boxers are up there with Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss, with the comfortable fit to match.

Overall, these are the best bamboo boxers currently available in the UK and they come at a price that’s not going to break the bank unlike some other brands on the market.


  • Ultra soft fabric that’s also breathable
  • Will last at least 6 – 12 months when washed on a gentle cycle
  • The sizing chart is extremely accurate so it’s unlikely you’ll need to send any boxers back
  • Labels are heat sealed so you don’t have to deal with any label irritating your skin


  • None


If you’re more of a long leg boxers person, Jinshi’s bamboo underwear might be a good alternative for you. Like David Archy, they’re made from 95% bamboo fibre as well as 5% elastane although they do come with a drawback. As of 2021 they’re (annoyingly) only available in waists sizes 32” and over so anyone with a small waist might want to avoid buying these.

Positively, they’re very inclusive for plus sized men with waist sizes coming in sizes up to 58”. Again, the sizing for these bamboo boxers is very accurate with the elastic properties of the waist band allowing for around 2 inches of freedom. Of course, this means they should fit you snuggly.

Like David Archy, these boxers come with a 3D pouch which provides plenty of space whilst still maintaining a good level of support so the old boy isn’t just dangling around all day.

The key difference between David Archy and Jinshi is that Jinshi’s bamboo boxers have a long legged inseam which is great at stopping wedgies although having tried David Archy’s boxers, the short inseam was equally effective.

In terms of durability, the quality stitching looks to be secure as they come so you shouldn’t have to worry about machine washing them and have them falling apart although to maintain longevity it’s probably best that you air dry the boxers instead of exposing them to the heat of tumble driers.

One final thing to add – Jinshi’s boxers come in a variety of different designs and colours including a simple black, bright yellows or more easy on the eye pastel colours.


  • Long leg inseam prevents any wedgies
  • Comfortable fit around both the waist and legs
  • Provides decent support in the private areas


  • They’re rather long and don’t look great when wearing with shorts


When it comes to comfortable bamboo boxers, we couldn’t find anything that matches FM London. FM London’s bamboo boxer shorts take all of the great properties of bamboo fabric but have also managed create boxers that are completely ergonomic and that fit to the shape of your body. Of course, this results in unrivalled comfort and helps avoid any issues such as chafing.

The fabric is very good at staying both cool and dry in any type of weather which makes them particularly handy if you play a lot of sports. Just like how football shirts are designed to wick sweat and keep you comfortable, you get exactly the same from these boxers.

In terms of durability, once again the stitching is immaculate and due to the elastane content of the fabric, it’s very unlikely that these boxers will shrink in the wash. One tip we have is to wash them at 30 degrees as this temperature is a little bit easier on the boxers plus you’ll save energy.

My favourite aspects of these boxer shorts are how utterly stylish they are (according to my partner). The minimalist FM London logo looks great and having a choice of 3 different styles means you’re likely to be able to choose something that fits your own personal preference whether that’s something that’s fashionable, classic looking or just plain and simple black.


  • Incredibly comfortable fit due to the ergonomic material
  • Perfect for wearing when playing intense sports as it keeps you comfortable
  • Looks very stylish with a minimalist design
  • Offer great value for money
  • Come in a variety of inclusive sizes


  • Doesn’t last as long as some of the other bamboo boxers on this list


According to a recent study by Harvard University, those who wore loose fitting boxers had almost 25% more sperm than those wearing tight fitting briefs. It’s for this reason many men are turning to loose fitting boxer shorts. With this in mind, we thought we’d include a category for loose fitting boxers and the winner of this category is Chill Boys.

Chill Boys’ boxers are made from 95% bamboo viscose which has natural odour resistance whilst the feel of the fibres is almost silk-like which gives you a degree of comfort that’s hard to find in cotton. This material is so comfortable that some choose to buy these as pyjama shorts as opposed to actually wearing them out and about.

In terms of fit, they’re very relaxed which does mean they’re more prone to riding up your thighs but the elastane goes some way to ensuring you don’t get that horrible-looking mushrooming around your waist.

These bamboo boxer briefs come in blue, black or red block colours so they’re not exactly going to win any style points but who cares?


  • Comfortable, loose fitting bamboo briefs
  • Can be used as underwear or pyjamas
  • Makes a great gift idea


  • Prone to ride-up


If, like me, you’re very active and participate in multiple sports, you’ll understand how great it can be to have comfortable underwear that doesn’t ride up your legs and chafe in what is quite frankly a delicate area.

If you’re interested in buying some new bamboo boxers for sports, Obviously is a pretty good choice. Obviously’s bamboo boxers have a little more elastane fabric than the others on this list and it’s that extra elastane that makes Obviously stand out as a great underwear choice for sports. The flexibility the elastane offers you, especially when playing sports such as football or tennis is unrivalled.

It’s also worth mentioning that like Jinshi, Obviously’s boxers come with 9 inch inseams which of course makes riding up and the consequential chafing an almost impossible feat.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspect of these boxers is the fact that they have what can only be described as a pocket for your bits. It’s the feature you never knew you needed – especially if you run a lot or commute to work on your bike.

The design isn’t overly inspiring but they do come in 7 different colours.


  • Sweat wicking properties of the boxers make them ideal to wear during sport
  • 9 inch inseam stops any chafing
  • Elastane content provides plenty of flexibility
  • Interesting pocket is actually a very useful feature to have


  • Not designed for all-day comfort


There’s no hiding from the fact that bamboo boxers are pretty expensive. So if you’re looking for a budget option they can be quite hard to come by. Fortunately there are a couple of options out there, the most reliable of which are EKQ.

EKQ’s bamboo trunks are pretty standard and are most like the pairs you would get from a typical supermarket. The only difference being that you get the benefits of wearing bamboo fabric. This means you’re basically getting the feel and fit of supermarket boxers but with enhanced odour control as well as sweat wicking capabilities.

For the price, they’re not too bad at all.


  • Some of the cheapest boxers on the market in the UK
  • The stitching is fairly flat so avoids any irritation
  • They’re very accurate in terms of sizing


  • Lack the comfort of other bamboo boxers that are available
  • Prone to chafing when being active


If you’re thinking about buying bamboo boxers for the first time, there are some things you should keep in mind to help you make the right choice.


One of the key reasons people are switching to bamboo underwear is the fact that it’s much more sustainable than cotton or polyester. Bamboo grows incredibly quickly, doesn’t need fertilising and is self-regenerative after being cut down.

Anyone choosing to change their underwear from cotton or polyester to bamboo fabric is taking a step in the right direction towards sustainability.


Whilst it’s fantastic that there are a host of new companies making bamboo boxers, it’s very clear that some have yet to master the art of creating comfortable underwear.

The key ingredients you should look out for when purchasing bamboo underwear is whether they’re true to size, breathable provide optimum support in the private area and how well they avoid chafing.

Some boxers tick all of these boxes and sometimes all you need to do is look at the product images and the quality is evident. If you want to know for sure though, we’d recommend purchasing based on our reviews above.


Experts recommend changing your underwear every 6 – 12 months as this is how long it takes for them to start degrading and losing their effectiveness in terms of support.

Some bamboo clothing manufacturers use less than ideal methods to stitch their boxers and this usually becomes apparent within 1 to 2 washes. If any brand suggests just hand-washing their boxers, it’s probably best to avoid them as they likely lack quality.


Whether you’re an active person or spend most of your time at the office desk, you should buy your underwear based on your needs.

Boxers that have been designed with flexibility and sweat-wicking in mind will be much better for someone regularly playing sports whereas workaholics will be much more suited to buying with comfort in mind. Think about your lifestyle and buy accordingly.


Having the best bamboo boxers will give you unrivalled comfort, durability and will be true to size. It’s true that bamboo boxers are expensive but as supply meets demand, it’s likely that they’ll become cheaper and cheaper over time.

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  1. are there any makers of bamboo under wear that make size 52 jnch waist i have been looking for some time hope you can help me with names of some makers

    1. Hi Richard.

      I’ve been wearing the FM London bamboo boxers recently (as mentioned above article) and have the medium size (my waist is 32-34″). For me, it’s a very comfortable fit and they do feel pretty stretchy so I imagine someone with a larger waist would be fine in them.

      You could try the XXL which is several sizes bigger and is meant to be for a 46″ waist (again, I imagine someone bigger would be fine in them).

      Here’s the link if you wanted to try them: – think they have a Black Friday deal on at the moment.


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