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Buying the best bamboo bedding might be one of the finest investments you’ll ever make. After all, on average you’ll spend 26 years of your life sleeping (not to mention the extra 7 years you’ll spend trying to fall asleep) so it makes sense that you use the best bedding, especially if you’ve splashed out on an expensive bed.

But what is the best bedding available? Cotton has long been considered a go-to for many Brits due to it’s breathability which is especially handy considering our body temperature drops and rises like a yo-yo during our sleep cycle.

But is there a better material out there than cotton? After all, cotton isn’t exactly known to be the most eco-friendly material in the world. It has inefficient water consumption, releases lots of greenhouse gas emissions during production and uses harmful pesticides and fertilisers that pollute local land and waterways.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Step up bamboo. Bamboo, technically a grass, isn’t exactly a recently discovered material. It’s been around for thousands of years and was even used to invent instruments some 3000 years ago in China. Based on this, you might be wondering, how on earth is a material that’s been used to make instruments going to be comfortable to sleep on in any way?

Well, that’s where bamboo fibre comes in. Manufactured in a specific way, countless bamboo fibres are put together to create a high threaded fabric and it’s this high thread count that makes even lower priced bamboo bedding comparable to high-end cotton sheets in terms of comfort.

Now you know bamboo bedding is a viable alternative, let’s take a look at some of the best bamboo bedding currently available in the UK as voted for by our sustainable living community.


Euphoric Bedding who are based in Bristol get the overall vote by the sustainable community as the best bamboo bedding set. After hearing some of the opinions of this bamboo bedding set I decided to try it myself and I was far from disappointed. FYI, the bedding set arrives with a duvet cover, a fitted sheet and 2 bamboo pillow cases.

The first thing I want to mention about this set is how reasonably priced it is. Having researched multiple bamboo bedding sets it’s clear that you’ll have to pay over £100 for quality so it was nice to see that their single, double, king size and super king size are all priced under £100.

Secondly, as a British company, Euphoric Bedding have been able to size their bedding appropriately for UK beds. It’s always a bit of a hassle when you purchase bedding that doesn’t fit, resulting in uncomfortable to lie on creases.

The set is also super comfortable. We’ve tried a few of the bamboo bedding sets over the past couple of months for this article and I will say it’s not the MOST comfortable but more on that in the bamboo bedding reviews below!

The colours are fairly basic – coming in either white, cream or grey. These neutral colours aren’t exactly eye-catching but complement bedroom decors nicely and overall contribute to creating a calming vibe.

This bamboo bedding set should be cleaned and dried on gentle settings but I only see this as a positive. Running your washing machine on a gentler setting is much better for the environment. And as bamboo is naturally antibacterial you don’t actually need to wash your bedding as often as you would if you had pure cotton bedding.

Overall, it’s a fantastic bedding set that’s eco-friendly and doesn’t break the bank.


  • Really good price and is far cheaper than some other bamboo bedding sets currently on the market
  • 320 thread count makes the bedding as comfortable as Egyptian cotton
  • Odour resistance means your bedroom isn’t going to smell awful during those summer heatwaves
  • Natural antibacterial properties of the bedding means you don’t need to wash it as often and ultimately saves on energy usage


  • Not as durable if you accidentally wash at high heat


Koala’s bamboo bedding set might be our runner-up but that’s more down to the price and lack of options rather than the quality. Like Euphoric Bedding, this set comes with a duvet cover, a fitted bed sheet as well as 2 pillow covers. Unlike Euphoric Bedding, sizes are only available in double, king size or super king size (sorry to those with a single bed!)

In terms of quality and comfort, there’s only one other brand that can rival Koala and that’s Panda (are you sensing the animal theme yet?!)

The 300 thread count makes this bedding set incredibly comfortable and due to the fact that the threads span the entire length of the bedding (unlike cheap cotton bedding) you’re much less likely to encounter rips or tears in the fabric which essentially means this bedding can last up to 15 years.

As mentioned above, one of the options this bamboo bedding set lacks is a lack of options. And this extends to colour choice too. Koala’s bamboo bedding set only comes in white although for those just looking for a neutral colour it’s perfectly fine. The wooden button certainly adds a nice touch however.

In terms of sizing, the bedding might look a little bit too big upon arrival. There’s no need to worry though – all you need to do is give them a wash in the washing machine. Bamboo fabric will naturally shrink which means your sheets should be perfectly sized after that initial wash.


  • Is very breathable which makes sleep comfortable in both summer and winter
  • High thread count and quality manufacturing gives a supreme comfortable feel that’s almost like silk
  • Nicely packaged and comes with a handy drawstring bag
  • Resistant to scuffs and rips which means they’ll last you for years before you need to replace them


  • No single bedding set option


If you’re willing to pay for quality then the absolute top choice would be this luxury bamboo bedding set from Panda which continues to get softer and softer after each wash.

The set is made up of a duvet cover, two pillow cases and a fitted bed sheet and crucially, has a 320 thread count which is slightly superior to Koala’s 300. The extra thread count may not seem much but bamboo doesn’t require a high thread count to be soft so the extra 20 is a meaningful difference.

One thing to note about the fitted sheet is that it has plenty of depth. This means it’ll easily cover a mattress that has a memory foam topper and doesn’t need to be stretched which could result in tears.

The set is also entirely plastic free, from the packaging to the thoughtful bamboo wood buttons. This attention to detail isn’t lost and really contributes to the overall luxurious feel of the set. The sheets are also hypoallergenic which means they’re highly unlikely to be irritable towards skin and makes them ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or eczema.

In terms of sizing options, you get the complete range from single all the way up to super king. There are also 5 different colours to choose from including urban grey and deep sea navy – giving you more customisation than other brands.

Overall, this is the most luxurious bamboo bedding currently available in the UK and is well worth the investment if you can afford it.


  • Hypoallergenic makes this bedding perfect for people who suffer from dry skin or eczema
  • Completely plastic free making them eco-friendly
  • Perfect sizing means you can fit the bedding perfectly even if you use a mattress topper
  • Keeps you cool during the hotter months or when the heating is on a bit too high


  • Pricey


If you’re looking for some eco accessories for the new little squidgy eco warrior in your life, these muslin blankets maybe the best bamboo bedding for babies option out there.

Made with 70% soft bamboo and topped up with 30% breathable cotton, these muslin blankets are ideal for ensuring your baby gets the most comfortable sleep whilst the breathable cotton ensures they don’t get too hot or cold during the night.

They come in a pack of 3 and the dimensions are just over 1m x 1m and thus are perfectly sized to keep your baby wrapped up all cosy and warm.

One of the best features of these muslin cloths are how absorbent they are. This is especially useful if you have a baby who is a bit sicky as it’s not going to seep through unlike some cheaper cotton options.

Overall, they’re incredibly soft, highly breathable and also versatile as they can be used for a variety of reasons including floor playtime as well as the classic peek-a-boo.


  • Highly breathable keeps your baby at a comfortable temperature
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried without loosing it’s softness
  • Comes in a pack of 3 which offers great value


  • None


If you’ve already purchased a bamboo duvet cover and pillow cases, you might want to complete the set with a bamboo fitted sheet. Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready to splash out on a complete bamboo setting set, a fitted sheet might be the perfect introduction for testing bamboo fabric.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for a bamboo fitted sheet, Ackly’s would be a great choice. Coming in either a single or double bed size, this deep fitting sheet is suitable for all UK bed types and due to its depth will fit over a mattress topper too.

It’s made out of 65% bamboo and 35% long thread cotton which creates an unbelievably comfortable 400 thread count (higher thread counts typically mean the fabric will be softer). This means that falling asleep is a breeze although I can attest that getting out of bed in the morning is that much harder!

It’s also worth mentioning that this bamboo fitted sheet is completely free from plastic. Ackly are well aware that bamboo sheets need to breathe, hence the lack of plastic in the packaging.

Overall, it’s a highly luxurious fitted sheet with a price tag to match.


  • Amazingly soft with its 400 thread count that far surpasses your average cotton sheet in terms of comfort
  • Washes very well without any scuffs
  • Provides a lovely cooling effect which aids in relaxing your body in preparation for sleep
  • The entirety of the packaging is recyclable


  • Comes with an expensive price tag although many will say it’s value for money


Bamboo bedding has a variety of benefits over traditional cotton including being hypoallergenic, being thermo-regulating and superior durability. Whilst bamboo bedding will set you back a fair bit of money, it’s overall quality to price ratio can’t be matched by other materials.


Another positive aspect of having bamboo bedding sheets is that they are ultra hypoallergenic; this essentially means they are great for resisting allergen-causing microorganisms such as dust mites for example.


There’s quite a lot of debate around whether bamboo bedding is better than cotton bedding.  In my opinion I think that bamboo bedding is better, all things considered. The reasons for this most importantly include the fact that bamboo is far superior to cotton in terms of sustainability.

When it comes to performance, bamboo also outcompetes cotton on a number of levels, especially common, cheap cotton.

For example, bamboo fibres are incredibly long and stretch from end-to-end. This essentially means that the bedding won’t typically scratch scuff or tear unlike cotton bedding which is comprised of multiple pieces of fabric stitched together. This is why you’ll sometimes see cotton sheets with holes in them.


One thing that sets bamboo apart from other types of fabric is the fact that the fibres have micro holes in them. Having these tiny little holes allows hot air to escape during the night which essentially keeps you cool whilst you sleep.


As mentioned above, the bamboo fibres are long and stretch from end to end. This usually means that there’s no need to iron your bamboo bedding. Although if you do spot some creases it takes very little effort to iron them out.


We hope you found this guide on bamboo bedding helpful. Whilst bamboo bedding is typically quite expensive it usually pays off in the long run as they can last for up to 15 years.

Furthermore the bedding is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials which you can compost after you’ve got your years of usage out of them making your sleeping routine green from cradle to grave.

In my opinion you can’t really go wrong with any of the options that you see above. Whilst Euphoric Bedding got our vote as the best overall due to its quality and ultimately low price, if you are searching for that ultimate silky feeling whilst you sleep, Panda’s bedding set might be the one for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about bamboo products, why not check out our guide to bamboo toilet paper or visit our ‘Made from Bamboo‘ collection.

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